11 Apr 2014

Locusts Or Teens ?

Sometimes I think I am housing locusts instead of teens. It seems that I spend more and more of my time taking up residency in the isles of Woolworths and stuck in the kitchen trying to feed my hungry plague that buzz around the pantry like bugs drawn to bright light.
Now with the school holidays upon us keeping a full fridge has become a time consuming chore.

 A plague of locusts wreak havoc, they swarm, devastate crops and cause major agriculture damage - causing famine and starvation.

Just like the locust, teens swarm kitchens in droves stripping a fridge of its contents in seconds being just as devastating to the family pocket as the locusts are to the farmers and their crops.

How much are you really forking out to feed your locusts teens these holidays ? Let me guess, just like me you have actually no idea of the hole they are creating in your wallet !
I know that my teen boys and their friends can clean out my fridge and pantry just as fast as a swarm of ravenous locusts can clear out a farmers entire crop, leaving a devastating trail of crumbs and dirty plates behind them......

My locusts teens are growing boys, but I am sure that the amount of food they put away on an average day is growing faster then they are.
I admit that I had better control over my boys eating habits when they were younger, when there seemed to be more structure. It seems the more they grow, the harder it is for me to keep up with their growing appetites, they never seem to be full ! Maybe I need a built in buffet to satisfy my teens growling stomachs.

The thought that keeps circulating in my mind is, if the boys keep eating the way that they do, we just may need to refinance our home.....they are literally eating machines !

Thank goodness that when school goes back their eating habits will return to what I consider relatively "normal" however that still requires a huge effort on my part to keep the fridge and pantry well stocked.

Keeping an eye on my hungry hoard of locusts teens and happily linking up to FYBF with the gorgeous Grace who has all of this to look forward to....

Happy Friday
beck xx


  1. I do hear that boys eat a lot! Even teenagers. I wonder if it's boredom from not being at school that keeps them eating out of the fridge?

    1. They eat heaps Rebecca. My younger two teens are very active so they burn it all off, however they also burn a hole in my pocket lol.
      Thanks for stopping by x



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