25 Jun 2012

Four Little Faces

 I remember these four cheeky faces like it was yesterday,not twelve long years ago.

           I remember dirty faces,chubby hands and the sound of little voices calling out to me.

I remember all the "firsts".... first cries,first words,first steps and first days at school,where it was me who was the one to cry. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of my "little" boys,memories that I will cherish forever,memories that will never fade.

                        Now,these are the faces that look back at me.

Boy! They grow up so fast. to fast for my liking. Where have the years gone. No longer are we dealing in tonka trucks and mud pies and toddler tantrums....now its's cars and curfews and teenage attitudes ( which can be harder then the terrible twos to deal with )
But even though I miss those "little" boys,my "big" boys bring me just as much joy. As Mum to these four amazing boys,I'd like to thank them for our journey together so far,a journey that is far from over,a journey that will continue to give us wonderful memories. We are now in a chapter of new "firsts"....first jobs,first driving lessons,first car bingles, and the one that at this moment in time is breaking my heart, the first preparing to leave home. I know it has to happen and I know he WILL be fine,but he is still my baby and I am allowed to cry, am I not ???

I am really proud of my boys/young men,and I hope they realize just how proud they make their mum.



  1. WOW, what a great job you've done Beck. 4 Boys is hard work. They've grown into great young men, well done.

    1. Awww thanks Jules, being a parent is hard work regardless !! As you well know



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