23 Jun 2012


How exciting,I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and taking baby steps into the world of blogging ..

Blogging is something I've thought of doing for a while now,but was not confidant enough to try, but with the gentle encouragment and a lot of help from a wonderful friend, I've decided that I have nothing to loose,so here I am. CraftyPJMum..

Here I will share how I survive raising four teenage boys,my love of scrapbooking and painting,how I'm NEVER without a book in my hands and of course my love of PJ's ( yes I have been caught out doing the school run in my pj's )
General family favourites such as holidays,photos and recipes will also be shared ( though I'm certainly no chef )

My aim is to create a blog that will give you a glimpse inside my busy,chaotic life. The ups and downs, the downright messy, just the everyday goings on that keeps me on my toes.

So come aboard and hang on tight as I take you on the ride I call "my life"

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  1. Hi! Found you through Dig parents and thought I'd say hi! As soon as you put a "follow me" button up, im on board! xx



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