1 Aug 2016

TAKING STOCK - July 2016

I really do love PIP's  idea of Taking Stock. I enjoy looking back at the month that was, the things that made it special, the new memories we have collected. I also love to read other Taking Stock blog posts to sneak a peak into moments of other people's day to day lives. It's a great way to connect with others in this big wide world.

July has been a long month, Tradesmen in and out of our house, making mess, giving me a headache. A birthday to celebrate and many new books read. I am actually looking forward to August, a fresh month, a fresh start, and more memories to be made.

Here was my July...

Making - School lunches again. Three weeks into term three and I am SO over it.
Cooking - Lots of warming comforting food in the hope that we can at least pretend its cold outside.
Drinking - Lots of Chai Tea. It has become my latest addiction.

Wanting - Winter to show its face here in North QLD . With the lack of cold weather this year, it is almost certain that we will be in for a stinking hot long Summer.
Looking - At and crushing on all the beautiful rooms on Instagram decorated in different shades of white. How on earth do they keep them clean ?
Playing - Old reruns of Rosanne. I think its funnier now that I have my own dysfunctional family.
Deciding - On paint colours for the house and getting absolutely nowhere.
Wishing - That we lived somewhere where Winter exited.
Enjoying - Walking again, its been great to start some form of exercise again.
Waiting - On news about the place my son works at. Praying it stays open and no one looses their job.
Wondering - If my kitchen will ever be finished.
Loving - Fresh sheets, hot bubble baths and red wine.

Pondering - Where our money is being spent lately and thinking we need a new budget.
Considering - Taking this horrid body back to yoga but not sure I could face the shame.
Celebrating - My sons 23rd birthday, and wondering where his childhood days went.

Buying - Another $200 calculator after my son has lost his already.
Watching - Housewives of New York and The OC, There Goes The Motherhood and The Kettering Incident.
Cringing - At the obsession of Pokemon Go.
Needing - Another cup of Chai.
Questioning - The meaning of life and my place in it.
Smelling - The fresh salt air of the ocean and freshly cut grass.
Wearing - Summer dresses in Winter and PJ's on the school morning school run.

Following - A lot of home decorating blogs and instagram accounts so that I can gather ideas for my own place.
Noticing - That my youngest son is now taller than me and one of his elder brothers. Not only am I the only female in the house, but I am now also the shortest member of my family.
Admiring - The discipline of fit and healthy women. Knowing that before I hit an all time low I was just like them and the struggle to get back is very real.
Sorting - Through this crazy head of mine and trying to let go of things that I cant physically change and trying to concentrate on the things that I can.
Getting - Frustrated at my everyday routine.
Coveting - A bottle of the finest perfume.
Disliking - All the mess that the tradesmen left us in when they fixed our kitchen. Leaking sinks, a dishwasher hooked up incorrectly and an unfinished floor.

Feeling - Very lonely. Hubby is gone a lot for work these days and all my boys are busy with there own "social lives" being a mum left behind is not all that great. Why did my boys grow up so fast ?
Snaking - On biscuits and feeling very guilty about it.
Helping - My parents out by looking after their home while they are away.
Hearing - Birds singing of a morning and loving their sweet song. Hearing crickets in the evening and them driving me crazy.
Reading - Quite a few new books this month. Don't You Cry by Mary Kubica. The One Who Got Away by Caroline Overington and The Accident by C.L.Taylor. I have just started reading the long awaited new book by Liane Moriaty, Truly Madly Guilty and I am just loving it.

So there you have it. July all wrapped up. A month that had its ups and downs leaving me very much looking forward to August and all that it will bring.

beck xx

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