1 Jul 2016


Hello, Its me....

Its been five plus weeks since I blogged. Not only did life throw a few curve balls our way, I felt that I wasn't giving my all here. So a break although initially forced, became a blessing in disguise.

Things are starting to settle down again, so I thought I would pop on to wave hello to those of you who may have missed me, though most of you probably didn't even notice I was absent.

Today is July 1st. Can you even believe we are already in the seventh month ? Winter has finally hit North QLD and I'm loving it. We are nowhere near as cold as the southern states, but give me cold nights and crisp mornings and I am happy as a pig in mud. My dream is to move somewhere where we can experience all four seasons again. I really miss the ice cold Winters and the falling coloured leaves of Autumn.

Anyway, short and sweet is me here today. Fresh month, fresh start to blogging and hopefully a stop to worthless rambling posts that don't interest anybody {this post excluded}.


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  1. Glad to see you back blogging, Beck! How gorgeous is that photo?! x

    1. Thanks Grace : ) incredible sunsets here in Winter x



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