1 May 2016

TAKING STOCK - April 2016

As we hurtle head first into a brand new month, its hard to believe just how fast this year is going. I have been unable to spend as much time here on the blog as I would have liked, but here's hoping that that is about to change.

At the end of each month, many bloggers join in with the beautiful Pip of Meet Me At Mikes to Take Stock of their month and share with others what may or may not be happening in their lives. I've been slack of late, but I love reading the posts just as much as I love writing them.

So here, is my month of April....

Making   : Dinner every single night. Did we really sign up to this when we became wives and mothers ?
Cooking  : A few new recipes that will one day make it onto the blog.
Drinking : Trying to cut down on wine and drink more water.
Wanting  : To start yoga back up but to worried about my weight to walk into a studio.
Looking   : Forward to some cooler weather.
Playing    : Playing lots of old music from way back when. Is it possible that it sounds better the older we get ?  
Deciding  : If I want to grow my hair again... I know, I'm crazy.
Wishing   : That illness was not apart of life, that when our time comes to move on from this life we   just go to sleep not knowing any pain.
Wondering : When my kitchen is going to be fixed after flooding six weeks ago.
Loving        : The singing dogs on the Subaru ad on TV
Pondering  : What is next for me. With the kids all grown, I need something to occupy me.
Considering : Paint colours yet again.
Buying     : Art supplies and loving that I am finally starting to paint again.
Watching : MKR and cheering on the local Miner boys. Good on them for doing so well.
Needing   : Prayers for my beautiful sick Uncle.
Questioning : So many things about life.
Smelling   : Rain on the hot pavement.
Wearing   : Jeans, although its been awful hot I have dragged them out of hibernation for when the     cool weather arrives. ( if it does)
Following  : So many beautiful new Instagram accounts. Its such an addictive platform
Noticing     : All the Autumn pics from down south,  namely Baby Mac's and being jealous of the changing leaves and burning fires.
Admiring  :  My beautiful cow hide that I got from Melbourne last year. I love it so.
Sorting  : Always sorting the pantry.
Getting  : Tired of the constant hot dry weather of Nth Queensland.
Disliking : Doing the dishes by hand. FIX MY KITCHEN ALREADY.
Feeling : Like a big life change is warrented.
Snacking : Way to much.
Hearing : The family of Kookaburras each morning is a lovely way to start the day.

So there is my April of sorts.
How was your month ? Was it jam packed or laid back ?

beck xx

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