30 Jul 2015


Hubby and I are packing our bags and heading off on an adventure without the teens.
Lets repeat the shall we WITHOUT THE TEENS.

We are taking our chances, leaving the mild Queensland Winter weather behind us and heading south into the not so mild, rather freezing temperatures of Melbourne.

Can you believe that we have never been there ?
Can you also believe that we are driving, all the way from Mackay ?

I have been spending the past week or so scouring the shops, looking for "appropriate" clothing. Living where we do, it has almost been a "mission impossible" look out Tom Cruise  to find clothes that will be warm enough. So as I have only been able to find a few pieces to fit the "warm" criteria, we are just going to have to layer up...

Look out Nikki I will be stalking your blog this week for all your tips :)

So as we continue to prepare our for our journey south, and I continue to stock the fridge for the teens being left behind to fend for themselves, I was rather hoping that one of my lovely Melbourne readers, or anyone who has had the pleasure of being a guest in the beautiful state of Victoria, may be able to point us in the right direction of the "must see sights" for first time visitors pretty please, it would be very much appreciated.

beck xx

for those of you who are not familiar with our family and are concerned that we are leaving our teens at home, our eldest son is 22 and the boys Grandparents are not very far and will be stopping by often. 

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