15 May 2015


Its been a very hectic couple of weeks around here. Hubby has been away for work Monday through Friday, which leaves me to do all the weekly running around with our boys and generally taking care of everything, well try to at least.

I haven't had the chance to get any new projects underway, though I do have a list as long as my arm that I am itching to get stuck into. So since my list of  "to do's"  has been on hold, today's post is a list of all sorts of, well, stuff.

I've ......

BEEN living in my car for the past couple of weeks. Teen number four has just completed his grade ten work experience. His shifts were split in two EVERY day adding four extra car trips to my day for an entire week. I am REALLY glad that for now its over.
READING I am happy to report that I have my reading mojo back. I have been going through books like my boys go through toilet paper {that's a LOT people} In the past couple of months I have read and enjoyed The Girl On The Train, The Lie, Left Neglected, Still Alice, What Alice Forgot and a few others as well. I am currently reading In Her Shoes.
ENJOYING the cool Autumn change that has finally found its way to North QLD. Long sleeve PJ's are now a must, and yesterday the fans were off for the first time in what feels like forever, prompting a fan "cleaning frenzy"

WISHING I could pack up and move.
WANTING to get stuck into the last of our home renovations.
WONDERING if our Overseas holiday will actually happen.
CONSIDERING a return to some kind of work.
HOPING that 2015 continues to be kind to my family. So far 2015 has been smooth.
LOVING all the beautiful images coming through on my Instagram feed
STALKING Sonia of Life Love and Hiccups and Beth of Babymac just cant get enough of these ladies blogs and Instagram feeds.
OVERJOYED to the point of tears that my boy finally got a job A JOB PEOPLE.
UNSURE how I feel about my second son moving out of the family home soon.
SHOCKED that in exactly one week teen number three will be seventeen.
EXCITED AND THANKFUL that today the beautiful Lisa has featured Craftypjmum on her Blogroll.

I hope your week has been a happy and fulfilling one, and that you have a fabulous weekend with your families.
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beck xx


  1. It was so good to find you via The Blog Roll. And how fab are Sonia and Beth's blogs? I can't wait for that baby to come (Beth's not Sonia's obvs.)

    1. Hi Sammie : ) glad to have found your blog this week as well. I can't wait for Beth's Bub either, I can't resist a new born. Thank you for popping over. I should warn you now, I will most likely be stalking your blog too xx

    2. Oh Geez Sammie - I was worried for a moment that you were having some kind of premonition about me lol xx

  2. Oh you gorgeous woman - the feeling is so totally mutual my friend. Thank you xx



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