1 Sept 2014

My Leave Pass Is Up !

Finally, Spring is here. A season of new life, of breaking out, moving forward and the perfect time to make changes. It's also my favourite time of the year which makes it the perfect time to bring this little ole blog out of hibernation. To shake of my bloggy blues and return with a new bounce in my step.
It is time to kick up my heels, enjoy the new season, and find a whole lot more to babble on about. Spring is certainly the time for new plans and projects both inside and out and I am looking forward to sharing my adventures with you all.

For the 'new season' of Crafty the idea is to shake things up a little [hopefully].
I hope to share a lot more of my craft with you, our recent home renovations, and more of our familly recipes. Try them if you dare :)
I will still be keeping you all up to date with our daily family antics, because lets be honest, there is never a dull moment around here.

When I started blogging, I had every intention to be upbeat, friendly and interesting. But to me, when I look back at some of my later posts, I feel as though I fell of that wagon and Crafty was heading in a direction that I was no longer happy with. Just glancing at my laptop made my heart feel heavy, and the very thought of sitting down to write gave me the heebie geebies !

So I took a break.
Quite a long break.
And it worked :) I am now looking forward to a brand new season, a brand new outlook for my blog and life in general. Looking forward and leaving the past in the past. Exactly where it should be !

I hope that you will join me on this new journey and give me a kick up the backside if I start to fall into old patterns again.

So without further ado, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

beck xx

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