1 May 2014

I Am Thankful For

Having the whole stretch of beach to myself this morning was absolute bliss. The gentle breeze, soft sand and the smell of the ocean was just what I needed to clear my cluttered mind. It's not often I take the time to stop and enjoy the beauty of where I live.

Today being Thankful Thursday I took the opportunity to round up in my mind all that I am currently thankful for in my life.

I am thankful for;
Cups of tea in the morning,
The smell of freshly baked bread
Sunshine to fill my days, & candles to light my night
The calming sounds of the ocean,
The wind blowing through my hair
Raindrops on the roof,
And rainbows after a storm

I am thankful for;
Cupcakes & chocolate
And the comfort of home
Laughter & campfires,
And time spent alone

I am thankful for;
Dreams & good health,
Getting lost in a book
The challengers of life
And hearts filled with love

But the one thing that I am truly thankful for and will be forever more
Is the love and acceptance of my beautiful family, for without them I would have nothing to be thankful for at all.


Linking up with Rhiannon for Thankful Thursday this 1st day of May xx

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