21 Sept 2013

My A to Z Of Parenting (and how I have survived so far)

Writing this three part A to Z of parenting list has made me stop and think about my journey as a mum, and what I could have done differently or could do differently in the future. It opens your eyes when you actually stop and think about where you have been and where you are headed along the path that is parenthood.
I am the first to admit that I have made many mistakes, and like many other parents out there I struggle, wondering why on earth I was given such a huge responsibility.
Only time will tell how well I have guided my boys through their youth. I only hope that I have laid a good enough foundation for them to continue to have a happy and successful life whatever path they choose to follow.

S is for survival and sacrifice
These are two major parts of parenting.
We do "survive", I promise. Even though the road is tough and the end seems so far away, we do eventually see a light. Me time for a mother is something that does not happen very often until our children are of an age when we can actually say enough is enough let me be ! I am lucky to have reached this stage in my journey, but to get here has been a long hard slug. There are still times that I can go weeks without an hour to myself. Believe me, my parenting journey is far from over.
There is so much that we "sacrifice" to parent our children, but if you love your kids as much as I do and I know you do it is a sacrifice that we make with love, and I/we wouldn't have it any other way as long as there is large amounts of coffee, chocolate and wine on hand

T is for trust
"Trust" like respect is a two way street in parenting and its something that both parent and child have to earn.

U is for universe
From the first moment that I held my first born in my arms my whole world changed. And with each of my sons births my heart grew. It is a  love so strong, a love that I never knew truly existed until I became a mother. My boys are my entire "universe" and no matter how old they get or how big they grow they are way to big to sit on my lap now they will continue to be the reason I get up in the morning, the reason I make it through each day and the reason why my life is complete.

V is for void
It's funny how lonely a parent can be when their children are away from them. I dread my sons leaving home the first is nearly ready to leave the nest it is going to create a huge "void" in my life and I'm not sure how I am going to cope........

W is for wise
A "wise" women once told me that to be a mother is the greatest gift given to a woman. That woman was right, and that woman was my mother.

X is for X marks the spot
Like the X that marks the spot to buried treasure, an X marks the spot on my heart, showing my boys that my heart is full of love for them no matter what ever happens. Decisions may be made that they regret, a wrong path traveled. But no matter what my love for them is never ending....

Y is for Yawn
Parenthood is one long "yawn" being tired goes hand in hand with the job......I have been told that we eventually do get sleep. If this is true can someone please verify this for me ? : )

Z is for ZOO
I don't know about you but this describes my house to a tee. I'm sure my home is full of animals. Cute, adorable ones but animals all the same. How is it that putting rubbish in the bin, closing the toilet lid and putting dishes into the dishwasher is so hard ? I guess that is something that I will never understand........

So I have finished my list, but not my journey. In fact I don't think that a mothers journey is ever really over. I believe that it continues for our entire life time it just changes direction, but continues never the less.  <3


  1. I have loved your A-Z series - and could identify with so many of the points that you included.
    Have the best week and take care - will be sending heaps of wishes your way on Saturday !!!!! :)
    Me xox

  2. This is the first of your A-Z blogs I've red Beck, but I loved it. I especially loved U for Universe. I can very much relate ... oh, and Z for zoo (and I only have 1 10 yr old daughter & an 18 yr old foster brother living with me!). Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.


    Louise Bibby

  3. I have just finished reading through your various A-Z posts on parenting hun and I love it and I think any parent will so relate to this :) xx



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