19 May 2015


We are just relishing the cool change in our weather, after such a long hot and humid Summer, the cool breeze and drizzly rain is very welcome. We had a power outage on Sunday which was the perfect excuse to snuggle back down under the quilt to wait it out.
A lazy start to Sunday.

The cooler change makes it perfect weather for slow cooked roasts, curries and soups. There is nothing better then the smells of cold weather comfort food. The smells are amazing, baked veggies, fresh home grown herbs, chunky cloves of garlic and lashing of red wine. Mmm my mouth is watering.

The only down side to the rain is trying to get all the washing dry. Our dryer went on the blink about two years ago and I have so far refused to replace it. Since getting our solar panels put on, the savings we have made have been huge.

Did anyone watch Wayward Pines ?
What did you think ?
This thriller has me sucked in after the airing of just one episode. With chilling characters, Wayward Pines evokes a handful influences of Twin Peaks. I can't wait to see how this one progresses.

I'm off this week to finally get some paint for the house. I've been tossing up colours for a while now and have finally settled on a selection. I look forward to sharing the progress with you.

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