22 Aug 2017


Art is one of the great pleasures in life. It is something I love to surround myself with, and I believe that life would be very sad and boring without it.
Instagram has been a fabulous window for me to find some fabulous Australian artists, artists that I may never have had the pleasure of finding other wise.

One of those beautiful artists that I found and followed was Jess Crawford  An original mixed media artist, Jess's beautiful artwork demands attention. Stunning and exciting, it drew me in, in all its colour and glory.


Jess lives in a small country town in South Australia with her 
husband and two gorgeous sons.
Her art journey in mixed media began in 2013
when she was given the "BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER"
year long painting tutorials.
The training she had was not just tutorials but the birth 
of Jess's own authentic expression 
into the world of art.

There are many fabulous ways that you can make one of Jess's pieces your own. Her website has a link to her store where you can purchase beautiful works to hang in your home, buy notepads, cards, wrapping paper and even jewellery showcasing Jess's original artworks. You can also commission Jess to create a custom order just for you. 

And if you have ever needed something extra pretty in your life each month, subscribe to Jess's BRIGHTENS THE WAY subscription box.

In each box you will receive 

* an A 5 size post card to put on your wall
* 4x6 inch greeting card
* an A 5 size notepad to write all your dreams that brighten your way every day
* a surprise to add to your stationery collection {like a cool pen or funky gift tag}

Jess has also just announced that she is releasing a beautiful calendar for 2018 showcasing one of her art works for every month of the year. Pop on over to her website to pre order your calendar or subscription box now. You will not be disappointed.

Here is how you can follow or contact Jess so you can see for yourself just how talented she is.

Sharing this spotlight on the fabulous Jess with Kylie today on IBOT.

beck xx

15 Aug 2017


Are you a sucker for donuts ?
Are you a fan of muffins ?

Then check these babies out....

If you bake one thing this week make it these little bites of heaven. They are AMAZING ! and as per usual I found the recipe while scrolling through the magical world of Pinterest, and I just had to make them, taste them and now share them with you.
The original recipe is from the fabulous blog Chocolate Chocolate and More There are so many delicious recipes on this blog so go check it out.

Mini Cinnamon "Donut" Muffins 

2 cups plain flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 1/4 cups milk
1 egg
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla essence


6 tablespoons melted butter 
3/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and cinnamon into a large mixing bowl and stir through.

In a separate bowl, whisk gently together the milk, eggs, melted butter and vanilla.

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir gently through until just combined making sure there are no large lumps left in the mixture (small lumps are fine)

Fill greased mini muffin tin 2/3 full and for 15 minutes in a moderate oven.
Remove and allow to cool.

For the topping - melt the butter and in another bowl mix together the sugar and cinnamon.
Dip the top of each muffin into the butter, than coat with the sugar mix.

Keep refrigerated.


beck xx

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9 Aug 2017


I am constantly on a mission to find ways to keep the fridge full of tasty snacks for my hungry crew of boys. I always have fruit on hand, but lets face it, that is not always enough to keep a growing boys growling stomach satisfied. Believe me !  So I am always looking for cheap, easy and moderately healthy snacks to fill their bellies.

These mini cheesy muffins are a huge hit with my tribe and so easy to make. Great for lunch boxes ( if they last that long ) or just to snack on they are made with ingredients that most of us already have at our disposal.


2 cups of self raising flour
2 cups of grated cheese
2 eggs
2 cups of water

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. 
Prepare mini muffin tin by sparingly spraying with olive oil.

In a bowl and the flour, cheese and mix well.
In a suitable jug, beat the eggs and add the water, stirring well to combine.
Pour the egg mixture into the bowl of cheese and flour, and mix well with a metal spoon.
Spoon mixture into the muffin tin and bake for 10 minutes or until golden.

So easy and so yummy. Give these a whirl and I will guarantee they will be a hit.


beck xx

7 Aug 2017

JULY - Health and Fitness Update

July July July where do I begin. 

I failed my self challenge for about half of the month. Then I had an epiphany of sorts, gave myself a good talking to and stopped dishing myself up so much food. Since then...
Success !

I've started drinking more water again and enjoying it.
Who knew !

Eight months in and still not a great physical change but inside I am starting to feel much better. I am sleeping better, I have more energy and even though you cant really tell as yet I have lost a few kilos. 

This past week I literally woke up and told myself enough is enough. Its time to ramp up this challenge and make it worth its while and I started exercising. 
And guess what...
My legs and arms feel as though they are about to fall off but I feel good. So good in fact that I look forward to my session each day. 

For the month of August, my challenge is to go meatless. I know that I cant go full on vegetarian. (I love meat way to much for that) but I am willing to go there and give it a go for the sake of the challenge. I am going to have to do a bit of recipe hunting for this one, as I just know that my family of men are going to turn their noses up at any food that does not contain meat.
On that note, is there such a recipe that is full on vegetarian that will fill my families bellies ? Please help a sister out with this one if you can.

As for everything else, I will continue to drink plenty of water, eat smaller portions and exercise each and every day. The year maybe eight months in and nearing its end (crazy) but I think that slowly I am getting a hang of this better, healthier living. 

beck xx

2 Aug 2017


Looking for something tasty, easy and fairly healthy to serve your tribe for afternoon tea or as a lunch box filler ? Then this no bake slice is the perfect thing to satisfy the sweetest tooth without added sugar and takes only minutes to whip up.

This easy cheerio slice cereal bars are kid friendly, but also a tasty treat that even the grownups will enjoy with a cuppa.

Easy Cheerio Slice

* 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter 
* 1/2 cup honey
* 3 cups of cheerio wholegrain cereal 

Line a slice tray with baking paper.

Add peanut butter and honey to a large saucepan and sit over medium heat. Heat and stir until mixture just starts to simmer.

Stir the cereal into the peanut butter mix until evenly coated. Pour the mixture into the prepared slice tray and place in the fridge to cool and set.

Once set, cut slice into bars and store in the fridge. 

These have certainly gone down well in my family and is something that I will continue to make and keep in supply. 
Give them a go with your family. I am sure they will enjoy them as much as mine.


beck xx

1 Aug 2017

TAKING STOCK - July 2017

So today is August 1st.
We are now into the eighth month of 2017. Can anyone tell me how this has actually happened ?
I mean wasn't it just last week we were ringing in the new year ? My mother once told me that the older you get the faster time goes.

Seems she was right.

Pip had a great idea when she started Taking Stock. A monthly post of memories if you will. The good, the bad and the down right ugly. Everything that adds up to make the month that was.

Making - Plans for new gardens in the back yard. Hoping that our dogs are now old enough to leave well enough alone. That is the trouble with pets sometimes.
Cooking - Only six nights a week now that my eldest son has taken to cooking on one of his days off. Now if only I could convince the other members of my family to cook dinner once a week I would only have to cook on the weekends.
Drinking - Water and red wine.  Mmm Must give up the wine again.
Reading - THE PARTY by Robyn Harding. I cant stress enough how fabulous this book was. It had me sucked in from the very first page. I have my fingers crossed that this will become a movie. Do yourself a favour and read this one.
Wanting - A holiday desperately. We actually haven't been anywhere since our trip to Melbourne. That was two years ago.
Looking - For work. Its a slow process with so many others also in the same boat.
Playing - Candy crush. I know, I know pathetic.
Deciding - On paint colours. It is a big decision.

Wishing - I had a spare twenty thousand dollars so that I could send my son of to uni next year without financial stress.
Enjoying - These beautiful Winter days and cool nights. I am not looking forward to our long hot Summer. It is not that far away truth be told.
Waiting - Always waiting for my boys in the car. Same car park different day *sigh
Liking - Being busy, getting stuck into things around the house that sometimes get neglected.
Wondering - If the renovations on our house will ever be finished.
Loving - All the new growth on my indoor plants. Seriously they are going nuts !
Considering - Buying a new rug for under our dining room table, but don't know where I would start looking for a square one. Any ideas ? Anyone ?
Buying - Shoes and outfits for going on interviews. I didn't realise how much my mum wardrobe had taken over my life.
Watching - Housewives of New York City. This season is THE BEST !
Hoping - That I will soon see results of the diet and exercise that I have been throwing myself into. Its time to bring this old chick back to life and wave goodbye to all the damage that I have done to myself.
Needing - A few extra hours in the day. I am sure that I am not alone there.
Smelling - The sweet scent of Spring in the air. I hope we can hang onto it a little longer this year before feeling the full force of the North Queensland Summer.
Wearing - Shoes and not just thongs. My goal is NOT to have that thong tan line on my feet this year.
Following - Some amazing new accounts on Instagram lately. Maybe I will share my favorites in another post someday soon.
Thinking - About buying myself a pair of new ear rings. It has been way to long since I got something new and shiny for myself.
Admiring - All the ladies out there that have not let mental stress get the better of them and let themselves go. I am so mad at myself right now. I just hope that I can undo all the damage.
Getting - Nervous about my baby boy moving away next year. Time has just gone by way to quickly.
Opening - My eyes to the fact that not everyone in this world is genuine and stand by what they say.
Giggling - At Yummy Mummies...How is that even real ?
Feeling - Happy and enjoying spending time with my husband in the garden. Its nice to see the progress we are making together no matter how slow going it is.
Snacking - On apples and strawberries. I am trying SO hard to be good and stick to a strict diet.
Helping - My parents out while they are away by looking after there home and my mums gardens. That is the one things my mum has always had no matter where they live, beautiful gardens.

So that was July around here in a nut shell. Busy but easy going. I still cant believe how fast this year is passing us by. Have you done anything exciting ? Been anywhere ? Read anything that you think I might like ? If you have, please share.

beck xx

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4 Jul 2017


Its that time of year again where you look for and crave comfort food. Not only does the consuming of such foods warm the body and the soul, but they also warm up every nook and cranny of  the coldest of homes as they bubble away on the stove.

Feeding a large family brings with it all sorts of problems. With everyone having an array of different tastes, it can be hard to please everyone, every night.
One meal that does get the thumbs up and mouths watering when I dish it up is Julie Goodwin's recipe for Chicken Parma. Easy and delicious, this recipe puts the local pub Parma to shame. Try it for yourself, I dare you to disagree.

So while scrolling through Pinterest the other night I came across a meal that I just knew would be enjoyed by everyone at our dinner table, I just had to give it a whirl.


500 grams chicken mince
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 
2 tbsp fresh chopped parsley
4 cloves chopped garlic
1 large egg
salt & pepper
3 tbsp olive oil
800 gram can crushed tomatoes
1 1/2 cups grated mozzarella cheese

Extra Parmesan & parsley for garnishing
Crusty bread & pasta to serve.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius. 

Make Meatballs - In a large bowl, combine chicken mince, breadcrumbs, Parmesan, parsley, half the garlic, egg and season with salt and pepper. Mix until combined, then form into meatballs.

In a large oven proof skillet, heat half of the oil over a medium heat. Add meatballs and brown on all sides. Transfer to a plate.

Add remaining oil to the skillet and saute the remaining garlic until fragrant. Add the tomatoes and stir until combined.

Bring to a low simmer and then return the meatballs to the sauce, simmering for a further 10 minutes.

Top with mozzarella and bake until cheese has melted and chicken is cooked through.

Garnish with remaining Parmesan and parsley, serve and enjoy.

This dish was such a hit that it will be on high rotation in our home during the Winter months. All plates were licked cleaned at the end of the meal proving that once again Chicken Parma can warm you up even on the chilliest of Winter evenings.


beck xx

* You can find the original recipe on this website HERE

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3 Jul 2017

JUNE - Health and Fitness Update

Updating my health and fitness each month is about making myself accountable. Not every month this year has been smooth sailing, but writing it all here is making me asses each month, making me aware of the things that I need to improve, and those that are now coming second nature to me. 

Thankfully Junes monthly challenge was an easy one for me. I love stuffing myself with fresh fruits and veggies. I always have, so I know that I do get a good intake of fruit and veg for my health.

Fitness wise. I need to kick it up a notch, to find the time and also put in the effort. I know that I have become lazy where deliberate exercise is concerned. Not good I know.
Can you believe that at one time I attended the gym six days a week without fail. 

Drinking water has become second nature. At one time I would go days without drinking a glass of water. I just didn't enjoy it. Now it has become my main liquid intake, and its one habit that I am happy to have succeeded in. 

Next month it is all about downsizing my portions. 
A few years ago okay make that four years ago I lost a lot of weight. Downsizing my portions was a big factor in my success. Back then I purchased a smaller sized dinner plate to serve my meals on and so I will be pulling it out from the back of the cupboard to use again. 

Please don't ask me why I didn't continue using said plate. Plain and simple, I thought that I had won the battle and would not return to my miserable self again. 
Guess what...
I did and that is just life !

I hope that your fitness goals for 2017 are going well for you, and that you are enjoying the changes that you are making no matter how big or small they may be. Now please excuse me while I go put on my joggers and make myself go for a much needed long walk.

beck xx

1 Jul 2017

TAKING STOCK - June 2010

Here we are again, the first day of a brand new month. Gee this year is whizzing by, I remember being told that as you get older time passes by more quickly, but this is getting mighty ridiculous. Seven months into 2017 and I still feel as though nothing that I set out to do has been accomplished. Do you feel that way too ? The upside being that we still have six months left to get our butts into gear and tick off a few things on this years bucket list.
At least we have the gorgeous Pip to thank for Taking Stock, to remind us that even though we may not be getting the big things in life accomplished, we are still making many small things happen within our every day lives.

Making ; more time to spend pottering in the garden. The cooler months give me so much more energy and motivation to get out and about in the fresh air.
Cooking ; dinner every single night, and biscuits every weekend. Feeding five hungry men is a challenge.
Drinking ; G & T's. I know I shouldn't be but, well, you know....
Reading ; My Mothers Secret by Sheila O'Flanagan and The Good Girl by Fiona Neill.
Trawling ; Instagram and Snapchat for fabulous new accounts to follow.
Wanting ; for call backs to all the jobs I have applied for.
Looking ; for new recipes. I am always on the hunt for new easy and delicious meals to fill my hungry crew.
Deciding ; if I should cut my hair. Do you think that a new style would make me look more professional ?
Wishing ; that the days would slow down a little. Before long it will be summer again yuck My last baby boy will be graduating high school and then Christmas will be upon us Noooooo
Enjoying ; my Winter garden and the pops of colour.
Waiting ; for the chance to prove my worth.
Liking ; that is school holidays and the horrible lunchbox is hiding in the kitchen draw.
Wondering ; how much life is going to change around here when and if I start working again, and when we no longer are the parents of a school student.
Loving ; having my two eldest sons home. Yes it is still going pretty smoothly for now anyway
Pondering ; life and everything that we could have, should have done differently over the years.
Listening ; to all the nineties music of my teenage years and reliving the memories the songs provoke. Thanks Spotify.
Considering ; getting my herb garden up and running again.
Buying ; food. Always buying food.
Watching ; Mad Men and loving it SO much. I only have four episodes left to watch.
Hoping ; that I will find the perfect hall runner soon.
Cringing ; at some of the music that I thought was fabulous back when. LOL
Needing ; coffee coffee and more coffee.
Questioning ; myself and why I am finding it so difficult to loose weight at the moment.
Smelling ; freshly mowed grass, Winter rain, the first coffee of the morning and the scent of candles.
Wearing ; my PJ's for more hours in the week than I should.  I am still doing the school/work runs in them of a morning. I really must stop this
Noticing ; just how grown up my boys are these days and getting a little weepy about it.
Knowing ; that it is just a matter of time before all my boys leave home and leave me wondering what is next.
Thinking ; about changing the name of my blog but not knowing exactly what would be involved. Mrs Clueless over here
Admiring ; women who seem to have life all worked out, and wondering what their secret of faking it till they are making it is.
Getting ; tired of my cranky, horrible back neighbour. I so wish that he would move.
Bookmarking ; new blogs to read. There are so many awesome bloggers out there left for me to discover.
Opening ; the fridge and wondering where all the food I just purchased has gone.
Closing ; cupboard doors after my husband EVERY SINGLE DAY ! It is just as easy to close them as it is to open them dear........

Feeling ; like I am going to be roundand chubby for ever.  ^

Hearing ; my boys laughing and loving that they are all so close.most of the time
Celebrating ; my blogs fifth birthday. Welcoming a new fur baby into our home and my decision to return to the work force hopefully finger crossed people.

So that has been my June. I must also say that my ability to stick with my healthy eating and fitness plan has gone way out the window this month. I have no one to blame but myself of course so I am calling myelf a June fitness failure. Lucky for me July arrived today which gives me a brand new month to get myself back on track.

There is always tomorrow.

How was June for you ?
Did you do anything special ?

beck xx

29 Jun 2017

EDUCATION.COM - Make Learning Fun and Easy For Your Child.

If your like me, the education of your child/children is extremely important and giving them the best start in their education is essential.
Learning doesn't come easy to all of us, but the team at Education.com have taken learning to a new level, providing fun and interactive ways to help your child learn. 

When Jennifer from Education.com approached me and asked if I would like to publish a fully prepared activity exclusively to craftypjmum  I jumped at the chance. 

Here is an example of what is available:

What's My Number?

It's important to have a good understanding of numbers and their values. This guessing game combines logic with number sense. It suits all ability levels, as players' questions can be simple or complex. All you need is a deck of cards to get started with this fun math game! Work in teams or individually, with any number of players. Why not invite the whole family to play?

What You Need:
Deck of playing cards with the face cards (jacks, queens, kings) removed

What You Do:
  1. Have the first clue-giver draw one card from the deck at random.
  2. Tell the player who correctly guesses a card earns that card and the right to be the next clue-giver.
  3. Encourage the other players to take turns asking mathematical questions in order to figure out what card was drawn.
  4. Let the clue giver know that he should respond to each question with a yes or no answer.
  5. If the guessing players get stumped, the dealer should give out a few mathematical hints. (e.g. if you add 5, subtract 2, and multiply my card by 3, the total is thirty)
  6. Have the current clue-giver pass the deck to the new clue-giver.
  7. Play until the deck is depleted or set a time limit and when time is up, the player with the most cards wins!

Pop on over to Education.com and learn more about this great program, and put your kids on the right path to learning with guided lessons.
With over 30,000+ teacher-approved educational resources.
Engaging games, songs, worksheets, Interactive exercises and many more.
Easy to use on their own, with parents or teachers.

* this is not a sponsored post 

27 Jun 2017


It is true, I have always been a cat person. Cute and cuddly, I just cant go passed all the fury goodness. This week I took my cat loving to new heights and our family welcomed a brand new fur baby into our home. So I guess it is only fair to give myself the title of crazy cat lady and my family, well they totally agree....

Abby { Old Nana }

She is the original fur baby.
The leader of the pack.
Abby is almost eleven years old and with the nick name of  "Old Nana" you can imagine that she tolerates nothing from anyone. This includes the two newest additions.
She is lovable, gentle and will cuddle up to anyone provided that she is in the mood.
She does have some very bad habits though....
She loves to eat salt and vinegar chips and BBQ shapes.
She is not allowed to eat these by any means but sneak them as much as she can.

Penelope { Penny; Guts }

Penny was only six weeks old when we fell in love with this tiny fur ball. Now she is two and I cant imagine life without this beauty.
She has spent two years trying to befriend Abby without success but she never gives up on her will to win.
Penny is noisy, I have never heard a cat meow so much.
Every single night Penny goes through what we call crazy hour. She goes absolutely crazy running around the house like her tail is on fire.
Penny is a proper princess. She demands to be fed before I have my morning coffee and needs to be settled at the foot of my bed before I snuggle down for the night.


Nancy is our newest addition joining our family last Friday.
She is two years old and we adopted her from the RSPCA after she was abandoned.
She is so sweet, preferring the males of the house to me at the moment, but she is slowly warming up to me.
Abby is not bothered with her at all. I think she is to old to care anymore. Penny however is very curious. She follows Nancy everywhere. This house is her domain as far as she is concerned and gets quite upset if Nancy sits in any "her" spots.
There has been no fights between any of them that has caused any concern, so for now we share our home with three very different but very beautiful little ladies that make life far from boring.

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beck xx


Five years ago I pressed published on the first post for Craftypjmum. You can read that post here 
Short and sweet, I welcomed you guys to read a handful of amature posts that maybe someday some of you would click on and read.

Imagine my surprise when you did read them, and even more surprising, some of you are still here reading my offering of useless ramblings. If I am honest it is all kinds of wow and I want to thank you for sticking around.

I wasn't sure how long this blogging adventure would last for me. But as the years have past it has bought so much joy for me as I essentially write an online diary of my life. Maybe one day, when I am old and grey it will help remind me of the adventures that my life has taken me on. But until then I am happy to continue oversharing useless pieces of information with the hope that you will all keep clicking on the links and reading them.

Thank you all so much for the past five years of joy, especially you JULES because without your help none of this would have gotten off the ground.

beck xx

20 Jun 2017


Now that Winter is here, gardens tend to get a bit bare. Most plants stop flowering and go into hibernation, leaving gardens to struggle in beauty.
Living in North Queensland however, I find Winter the perfect time to potter around in the garden. The temperature is perfect to prepare the beds for our harsh summers that bombard us with super hot dry conditions leading up to Christmas and the long wet season that usually follows.
Though we may not be lucky enough to grow the same plants as in the cooler zones during summer, our mild winters give us the advantage of growing them in our mild winter, and with so many gorgeous tropical plants at hand, our gardens here can supply us with beauty all year round.

Succulents thrive in our hot dry conditions, and by moving them out of shaded areas and into the winter sunshine, they will continue to put on a spectacular show. I just need to cut back on the watering.

Petunias are the perfect annual to add colour in any garden. With so many varieties available they are all kinds of stunning. These ruffled ones are my favourite and the colour is amazing amongst all the green.

                Natives bring beauty to any garden. I really need to plant some more at our place.

And who cant go past the classic rose ? This yellow rose has been going great guns for about four years now. It is the first one that I have had success in growing and it brings me so much joy. I love bringing the cut flowers inside and waking up to one by my bedside.

How does your garden grow in winter ?

Linking up on this dreary winter day with Kylie to bring some colour to your life...

beck xx

13 Jun 2017


There has been something brewing in the back of my mind for quite a while now. Nothing extravagant unfortunately but something that is going to change the way our household runs right at this moment. Something that is going to require everyone who resides here to get up off their backsides and contribute more than they currently do.

Things are getting real around here much to quickly for my liking. My youngest son is only weeks away from sitting the QCE which means that I am not far off the end of my school mum days. That on its own is something that I am having trouble wrapping my brain around but the biggest thing is knowing there is a HUGE possibility that my baby is leaving home to attend University in Brisbane.

That is 953.6 km away                                                              
A 10 h and 45 min drive
Or a 1 h and 25 min flight

I really don't know how I am going to cope with this. Frankly I would like to bury my head in the sand and pretend that this is not going to happen, but the fact is it is going to happen whether I like it or not and very soon. What is making it very real and almost impossible to ignore is that price tag that is going to come along with helping my son reach his dreams.

I am not a mother who can sit by and watch my sons let go of their dreams. If I can, I will always try my best to make sure that they get as much as possible from this life. My ultimate dream is to make sure that my sons don't miss out, and to help them reach their life goals.

My baby son has a big dream, to attend JMC Academy to do a Bachelor of Film and Television. He has been aiming for this for the past few years and now it is within his grasp.

The dream, it comes with a hefty price tag, and so after much thought and weighing all the pros and cons up carefully, I have decided to try and re enter the work force.

On Thursday my Resume went out to all the available jobs that I am qualified for and now we play the waiting game with baited breath and nervous twitches with every ring of the phone. I do hope that it wont be long before someone takes a chance on me, that they at least give me the chance to Interview and that I haven't put myself out there nervously for nothing.

Fingers crossed

beck xx

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1 Jun 2017


The days are finally starting to cool down here. Some nights the blanket is needed which can only mean one thing, Winter is coming. Here in north Queensland  we tend to only have a few weeks of cooler weather in an otherwise predominately hot and sunny region. I am grateful for these weeks, the relief it brings is all sorts welcome.
The end of May is when the season starts to turn here, its when we finally start to get a taste of Autumn. Cool breezes and cooler mornings are delightful and better late than never. Its the one thing that I miss about living where we do, the different seasons and the changes they bring.

May was a busy month around these parts, and by joining in with Pips fabulous idea of Taking Stock, I present you with our monthly roundup....

Making : More of an effort to get those small jobs done around the house that usually get put off for another day.
Cooking : Jam Drops and a few more new recipes, its time to get my cooking mojo back.
Drinking : Way to many glasses of coke zero and wine and not enough water.
Reading : Slow Bleed by Tim Alder. This is the first Tim Alder book that I have read and now wont be the last. A page turner from the start.  A missing son, a kidnapper who's dead. An unusual description that caught my eye.
Laughing - At the Real Housewives of Sydney.....Seriously !
Wanting - A new rug for the dining room and not having much luck in finding what I want that doesn't cost the earth.
Looking - For the perfect piece of art to hang in my lounge room that is screaming out for some colour.
Wishing - That making choices in life was a lot easier than it is. Why do we make things harder for ourselves when it comes to getting what we really want in life ?
Enjoying - The cooler weather that has finally hit North Queensland. It always takes a lot longer for Autumn to show its face around here,
Waiting - For my bathroom to finally be finished. I really need to get it painted but need the tiling to be finished and the new lighting to be put up. Come on hubby get a move on !!!
Liking - Being on top of the housework and washing. Lets hope it continues.
Wondering - If every choice that I have made so far in life have been the best choices for my for me and my family. Things have been weighing on my mind lately.
Loving - Netflix. How did we live without it for so long ?
Pondering - Life, and how we end up where we are by the choices we make and if we have always made the best decision. Do you ever wonder where you would be instead if just one of your life choices were different ?
Listening - To Ryan Adams, Adele and lots of old eighties and nineties music since I gave in and downloaded Spotify. Again, why did it take me so long to jump on board with this fabulous app ?
Considering - What colour curtains to purchase for our living room. The ones we have now are definitely on their last legs and will not survive another washing.
Buying - More indoor plants. I have finally {without speaking to loudly} found a few that I am managing well and keeping alive for longer than a few months. Still working out the maiden hair fern though. I am determined to win this plant over as well.
Watching - Making a Murderer. Gossip Girl {yes I am late to the party there} and the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Another show that I swore I would never watch but got sucked into anyway.
Hoping - That the new seasons of Shameless and How to Get Away with Murder hurry up and come on. I am having withdrawals.
Cringing - At the behaviour of Athena X Levendi on the Real Housewives of Sydney. My goodness I do hope that women is not always like the person she betrays in that show. She is almost unbearable to watch.
Needing - A holiday desperately.
Questioning - Donald Trumps win in the Presidential Election still.
Smelling - The roses that have bloomed in my garden. They have been going fabulously this year.
Wearing - Jeggings from Kmart and wondering why I am forty two and just finding out how fabulous jeggings really are.
Noticing - That the early mornings are getting much cooler by the day and enjoying it immensely.
Knowing - That the year is passing very quickly and that my last baby will be finishing school soon, leaving me a school mum no more. Not sure how I feel about that to be honest. All kinds of mixed emotions are floating around in my head and heart.
Thinking - What my next chapter will hold once I no longer have school kids at home.
Admiring -  How so many other women seem to be living their dreams while I am still struggling with what I want out of life. I feel as though something big is missing and yet I am not sure what.
Getting - Tired of all the car trips I seem to be taking lately for my sons. I always seem to be sitting in car parks.
Opening - A new loaf of bread every single day. Why why why are my family always wanting to be fed ?
Closing - The windows when we go out and sleep at night when hubby is away for work because break ins are soaring where we live unfortunately. Can you believe that a family was home watching television with the lights on and yet some horrid person still tried to break into their home. What is the world coming to ? Really !
Feeling - So much sadness for the families caught up in the Manchester bombing. What kind of sick freak would knowingly target a place that would be full of innocent children. I cant seem to understand why people can do these horrific things.
Hearing - My kids laughing together and getting along. That makes my heart happy.
Celebrating - Mothers Day with my family altogether was lovely. Having my sons around on such a day was lovely. Also this month we celebrated son number three turning nineteen. How did we get here so quickly ?
Pretending - That the world is not as crazy as it is and keeping to my own little bubble. How nice would it be for the world to live in peace.
Embracing - My family daily and reminding them how much I love them. You just cant be sure what is around the next corner for anyone.

Well there was my May broken down into a few sentences. I hope that the past month was kind to you and yours. Can you honestly believe that today is the first of June and that we are six months into the year already. Its okay for time to slow down, no really....Please slow down.

beck xx

31 May 2017

MAY - Health and Fitness Update

Unfortunately May was not a good month as far as my health and fitness goes. I kind of fell off the wagon so to speak, things had been going so well too.

This month I had the best of intentions to walk everyday as was the task for May. I failed miserably. I got so caught up in giving my home a much needed clean from top to bottom that I let my walking slide and only went for a walk on the odd occasion.

It wasn't just this months challenge that I failed on either. My sleep pattern was shocking which led to poor food choices multiple times, I drank one to many coke zeros and not enough water, and I downed one to many glasses of wine which I had all but stopped drinking except on the odd occasion. All this made me feel quite sluggish and ashamed of myself since I had been doing so well.

The only up side was my weight didn't go up, how I don't know but for that I am very grateful.

June is the month of eating more fruit and vegetables. This one shouldn't be a problem at all as I enjoy eating quite a variety of both. I also want to make amends for May and make more of an effort to walk everyday, even if it is only around the block.

So as of tomorrow we are six months into the year. how did that happen ? It is quite frightening how fast the months are passing by. I guess on the scale of things I haven't done to badly with my health and fitness goals for 2017. I knew when I started that it was going to take more than a year to undo all the damage that I have done to myself, and although I wish that the weight would drop of at a much faster pace, I know that essentially I am on the right track and for that I am learning  to be proud on myself and not beat myself up instead.

How are your health goals for the year going ?
Are you still on track or like me taken a wee step backwards ? I hope that if you have fallen slightly off the path that you haven't given up but kept on having faith in yourself and your ability to succeed no matter how long it takes.

beck xx

28 May 2017


Sunday, the day of the week that seems to fly by faster than any other. I have spent my morning in the kitchen whipping up baked goods for the dreaded week ahead. The usual culprits that help make morning and afternoon teas a little more enjoyable. An iced sponge, two dozen muffins and about one million of my grandmothers jam drops. Okay, maybe not one million but enough to make my families eyes bulge. They are easy and delicious so I thought that I would share the recipe with you in case like me you get the urge to bake.

Grandma's Jam Drops

250 grams soft butter
2/3 cup of caster sugar
1 tsp of vanilla essence
1 egg
2   1/4 cups of plain flour

Jam of your choice


In a large bowl, beat the sugar and butter until creamy and fluffy.
Add the egg and vanilla and beat until just mixed through.
Gently add the flour a little at a time and beat through until smooth.

Roll the mixture into small balls and place onto a greased tray.
Press the back of the spoon into the  mixture to make a small indent into the biscuit and fill with jam of your choosing.

Bake at 150 degrees until slightly golden.
Cool on a wire rack then refrigerate.

These tasty cookies will go down well with every one in the family, and are also quick and easy to make when unexpected guests drop by.


beck xx

26 May 2017

DISCOVER YOUR NOOK - Grab my code for a fabulous discount

Love to shop for your home ? Then I have something for you....

Who doesn't love beautiful, good quality home wares and furniture. Shopping for my home is an addiction. I like my space to look pretty, feel homely and I love to change things up quite often so life doesn't get boring. Basically, my home is my sanctuary, where I am most happy.

My Instagram account is a virtual library of beautifully decorated homes. I just cant get enough, its like peeking into the windows of beautiful homes all over the world. Its inspiring and where I get most of ideas from.
Sometime ago I came across a fabulous business account that I just had to follow.

Discover Your Nook  is a fabulous Sydney based business founded by the dynamic brother and sister duo Rebecca and Gibson Pham. Constantly left disappointed by having to choose from either the mass production of discount department stores, or the bespoke products that were expensive, the duo saw a gap in the market for on trend and sophisticated, yet affordable products. So together with their team they are here to help you Discover Your Nook.

I am excited to tell you that the team at DYN have generously welcomed me to their family and together we are offering YOU my readers and Instagram followers a fabulous 10% off their website.

How awesome is that !!!

Don't waste any time. Pop over to their site now www.discoveryournook.com.au and discover the piece/pieces to make your nook truly beautiful.

Just make sure that you use the code "BECK10" at check out.
This offer is valid until JUNE 30th 2017

Happy shopping, and please tag me in your post when your purchase has arrived in your hands.

beck xx

23 May 2017


Young adults are no longer children, but "adults in training" that are living at home and still under the "guidance" of their parents or guardians. It can be a difficult process nutting out and enforcing rules that are grown up enough to keep the "kids" happy but strict enough to give the parents peace of mind. and to keep the household running smoothly.

We are currently in the process of some major family changes which have us treading carefully in some areas to keep the peace but still ensure that expectations are being met by everyone.

Currently I am  in the thick of what I believe to be the hardest stage of parenting yet. I wont tell you that having four boys under the age of six was easy because it wasn't. Nor am I going to tell you that I breezed through the terrible twos and teen years without incident because that would be telling a lie. But what I will tell you, is that every stage of parenting I have experienced to date has been a heck of a lot easier than dealing with four young adult men that are all head strong, independent and are all currently finding their feet in this crazy adult world.

Our two youngest boys are at that "I know everything" stage. At the ages of seventeen and nineteen they can be absolute nightmares delights. Attitudes are soaring at these ages and it is easy to butt heads.
My eldest two sons have recently moved back home after living on their own for almost two years. A return to the family nest was not exactly what they wanted but was kind of forced upon them because of job losses and all the backlash that comes with being out of work. Naturally they were used to doing as they pleased without the worry of mum and dad sticking their two cents in, but with the return home that all changed.

Usually, I am a micromanaging freak. I like strict routine and order. More often than not, my ducks are in a row to scared to stray. But right now I am having a difficult time setting limits. I am worried that I am being too lenient, or if I am expecting too much from my sons. Its a fine line to be walking and I'm always afraid that I am not treading carefully enough.

Its a hard job this parenting gig, and up until a few years ago I thought that I was passing with flying colours. Now, I am not quite sure that I am meeting all the criteria of a good parent.

Am I ....

Guiding them in the right direction ?
Praising them enough for their efforts ?
Trusting the decisions that they are making ?
Expecting them to live the life that I want them to lead instead of the life they want ?

There is so much on the line when raising young adults. So much uncertainty on both sides. So much pressure to be the perfect parent or child.
While my control over my sons lives is waning, I know that they still need my support and guidance. It is just a matter of finding a balance between taking to much control and letting go completely.

Do you have any advice that can help me with this stage in my parenting journey ?

beck xx

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22 May 2017


Isaac my boy, today you are nineteen.
The past nineteen years have been a whirlwind. It seems like only yesterday that you were born, bringing so much joy and mischief into our family. When I first laid eyes on you I fell under your spell. You had me wrapped around your little finger from the very first moment you gazed into my eyes. I fell in love with you hard. Your big eyes, chubby cheeks and your determined personality, you had all the charm.  And as the years have passed you have only wormed your way into my heart even more.

Never a day goes by that you don't bring a smile to my face, that I don't think about you without my heat bursting. Every single day since the day you were born you have added something amazing and crazy to my world. Having a son like you makes all the heartache and hard times that come with life all worthwhile. Everyday I thank God that we were blessed with you, that I was chosen to be your mother. I still can't to this very day imagine what our lives would be like without you.

Suddenly where a little boy used to be, a young man stands full of so much promise. Isaac you have given me so many reason to be proud, but none of them compares to when I tell others that you are my son.

Today, I wish you all the happiness in the world. That you open your arms and heart to all that life has to offer, and that you never give up on your dreams. The world is your oyster my boy. Live life to its fullest and never doubt your ability to succeed.

Happy birthday Zack Attack, may everything that you ever dreamed of become yours and that you face life head on with opened eyes and an opened heart.

Mum xx


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