9 Apr 2013

Keep Ya Gear On !

Yes you read right......

Am I a prood in thinking that people should keep their "personal" bits and bobs kept under wraps in public, and not let themselves "dangle" in the evening breeze for all to see ? 

Imagine this......
My 19 year old is a shift worker, and on his return home on Saturday night, he got the shock of his life when he 'tried' to pull his car into our driveway.

Three people were casually sitting in the gutter of our home, seemingly minding their own business and having a leisurely chat among themselves. Not unusual you would think, except for the fact that when they stood up to move out of my sons way and allow him to drive into our yard, they gave him a lot more to see then he bargained for !

They were completely starkers !                               
Can you believe it ? 

My sons face when he finally made it into our front door was priceless, his retelling of what had just happened, had everyone who was still awake roaring with laughter. 

I don't exactly know what they thought they were doing having a naked "moon bake" on my front lawn, and frankly I prefer not knowing the details. 
The only explanation we could come up with, was they were stragglers from a 'party' that had been happening a few doors up the road from us. 

It's quite funny really, I mean seeing my sons reaction to his 'welcome home' gave me a chuckle. All I am thankful for is that it wasn't one of my other teens who would have had it immediately splashed all over face book to give their mates a giggle at it to..........

Linking up with the lovely Jess for a giggle or two 
{all my clothes were worn while writing and linking this post}


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