5 Apr 2013

A Flashback To Hogwarts

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It was a sad day to bid farewell to Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Hogwarts. For ten years it was a huge part of our world as I watched the magic of all 7 Harry Potter books bring out the love of reading in my eldest son and he become enthralled with the magic that was to sweep the world. A series of books that captured not only children world wide, but adults as well. I to could not put the books down and to be honest I have lost track on how many times I have actually read them.

My son was seven when he received the first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for Christmas, and from then on he was glued to the pages. I had not seen him so enthused with reading (it was a struggle to get him to read his reading books for homework) but Harry seemed to change all that. 

Yes, I have Harry to thank for my sons love of reading.......

When the movie came out, his excitement was in overdrive so was mine. Our family of six lined up at the cinema, pop corn in hand waiting for the magic to begin. 
What a ride ! 
The book was alive, all that was within the pages of the book was up on the screen bringing to life the characters that we had come to love so much.

The following six books and the movies that followed did not disappoint. The magic was there, on every page, with every word spoken.
As we watched Harry grow, my son grew right along side him. Ten years is a long time to spend enthralled with the same characters, they were a part of our lives in such a big way. By the time the last movie graced the big screen, my son was eighteen ! and even though at that age it is not really "cool" to go to the movies with your family, we still as a family of six lined up together as we had for all the previous movies to watch the final installment together. It was hard to say goodbye as the credits rolled for the final time. 

J K Rowling is a star, because of her thousands, no millions of children found the love of books. Thanks for the memories Harry, you will live on forever in the lives of many.

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