7 Mar 2017


Lets talk about you...

Are you taking care of yourself ?
Are you making self care a priority ?

So many of us mums put ourselves way down on the list of people and things to take care of. Our children, partners and homes all come first. It's what we watched our mothers and grandmothers do before us,  and dare I say what we have been programmed do to. But every now and then we must not forget to take a few moments for ourselves. To clear our minds, relax our bodies and just to refresh in general. After all if we don't take good care of ourselves we cant take care of those we love most.

Self care is essential for taking care of your mental and physical health. Its sometimes hard for us mums to keep ourselves within the big picture. We can get so overwhelmed with the every day buzz of life that sometimes more often then not, we put ourselves in the back seat, always promising ourselves some down time that we don't always get.
I have been guilty of this SO many times over the years, and I am sure that you have as well.

Well mums, its time to schedule in some me time.  Its time to put yourself first for a few moments. Half an hour, an hour, a full day. What ever you can afford, DO IT.

I've put together a list of things that wont take up too much of your precious time, but will still allow you to stop, breathe and take care of you for a few moments. To give you a break and some much needed "me time" You deserve it, I deserve it, we all deserve self care.

Read a book
Take a long soak in a bubble
Light a candle
Listen to your favourite music
Have a leisurely cup of coffee
Take a nap
Have a date night
Indulge in a face mask
Paint your nails
Watch a movie
Catch up with a friend
Enjoy your favourite meal
Do something new
Get your hair done

Remember, self care is not optional, its essential to keeping your body, mind and soul healthy and happy, so that you can look after your family to the best of your ability, without being exhausted and feeling as though you are walking up a never ending hill. Without you fit and healthy your family wont be. Its as simple as taking some time for yourself. Its something we all need to do.
Its a learned practice, so lets do it together.

beck xx

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  1. That's such a lovely list, Bec and you're so right, self care is so important. I think all of us, mums or not, should do ourselves a favour and work our way through your list :)

    1. Thanks Sammie, and yes we all need to take some time out for ourselves : )

  2. I love this - so true. I've learned the hard way that self-care is not an option. Great ideas here for everyone x

  3. I love your list Beck. I have been trying to take better care of myself this year now that both my girls are in school. I think if I give myself a little time to do what I want to do, whether its read a blog or paint, then I'll be a happier Mumma to my girls :)

    1. Good for you sweetie. It took me a while to realise that my family needed me to look after myself as well. It's so easy to forget about our own well being xx



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