14 Mar 2017


Well that's it guys, the beginning of the end has arrived and I am feeling all kinds of emotions.
On Friday just gone, Mackay held its annual Mocktail event at the Entertainment Centre. The invitation is sent to all students both public and private who are currently studying grade twelve providing their behaviour is of a high standard. It is a chance for the students to let their hair down and mingle with others who are going through the same stress and worry of the up coming exams that will determine their schooling ability and help determine their next step of life.

This year is our fourth and final run of grade twelve.

Currently, we are guiding our youngest son through the turmoil of study and the stress of deciding the path of his future. To be honest after four attempts of trying to successfully navigate it all as a parent, I am glad that we have almost reached the end. It's not an easy time for our kids, so for them to have the opportunity to dress up, have some fun and forget the seriousness of it all, well I am all for it.

My stomach was doing flip flops, my heart was full and happy, my head was over thinking the fact that this was it, my baby was near the end of his childhood and on the verge of becoming a man. I am so proud yet not quite ready to acknowledge that we have already reached this stage of our lives. I know he is ready for his future to begin, to start the next chapter of his life.

Me on the other hand, I am ready to bid farewell to the lunch boxes and stinky uneaten food, the school uniforms, the notes and for the endless homework fights to end. I am excited to see where he will land next, but  I am not so happy to be at the stage of letting go. To be left behind and made redundant. Where my next path will lead me I have no clue, but for now its guiding this young man through the remainder of the year with encouragement and endless love and support.

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