3 Nov 2015


We had a  'proud parent' moment last night. Another moment to add to our collection of memories to cherish. Our boys have certainly gone above and beyond the dreams we ever had for them. It makes me feel a little smug when I think back to when some people told us we were too young to be married, too young to have a family.
Just too darn young.
Well guess what, we accomplished what we set out to do, young or not. To raise our boys to be kind, considerate well educated, selfless young men.

Our boys make us proud each and every day.

Last night it was our youngest sons turn to shine, at the 30th Annual Awards Night, and shine he did. His year of hard work and determination in Grade ten paid off when he was rewarded an excellence certificate and medallion for achieving high results across all subjects. He beamed with happiness at his achievements, I for one couldn't have been more proud.

This tiny little being that joined our family and bought with him so much joy, has grown into a fantastic, high achieving, accomplished young man that I know will go far in this world.

Congratulations my sweet boy, we are so very proud of you.

beck xx

Sharing my proud mum moment over at Essentially Jess  for #IBOT



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