7 Sep 2015

I MUST CONFESS - Fathers Day

Fathers Day is a day to show appreciation for your Dad, and celebrate all that they are. To celebrate the ones that help us leave our mark on the world.
They are our roll models, our hero's who give unconditional love and someone to turn too when we are in need.

I made the best decision of my life when I accepted the proposal of my man, he is the light of my life, but most of all the best father to our four sons. I could not have asked for anyone better.

I have a wonderful Step Father that I love with all my heart, he has always been there for me throughout my whole life, he is as far as I am concerned, my father.
The relationship I have with my biological father is non existent, so watching my five men interact over the years, grow and learn together, explore the world and become best mates that share such a close bond has been an absolute privilege. My boys are so very lucky to have their Dad, and I am one very lucky lady.


I must confess that Father's Day almost went by without being celebrated in our home this year, it almost slipped by right me. It wasn't until Thursday that I realised it was only three days away. Boy this year is flying by. Thank you Kmart, without your cheery advert, I may very well have been celebrating Fathers Day a week late !

Ooops !

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