22 Sep 2015



Your whole world revolves around the tiny humans you brought into this world. Everything around you changed as soon as you welcomed them and held their tiny faces next to your own. Once you walked through the front door, your little bundle of joy cradled in your arms, you became a fierce protector. That, besides love becomes your first instinct. To keep them safe and sound.
Your whole life will revolve around this little one, it is a path that you will never stray from. Those primal instincts, once kicked in are impossible to shake. Your child will ALWAYS be your number one priority, nothing and no one can stand in the way of how deeply a mother loves her child. You literally have a deep burning desire to keep them close, forever in your sight, out of harms way.

Form your prospective this will never change, you believe you have a life time of bedtime stories and fairy tales.
But your little beings grow up, and as they grow you are suddenly faced with the fact that these little beings are little people with their own dreams and ambitions, and your hold over them will slowly loose its grasp.
You yearn to keep them close and forever in your sight, but as they grow, and spread their wings, they need the chance to fly, not because you want to let them go, but because it is the natural course of  growing up, and you have to release them, let them follow the path to live the life that is destined to be theirs.

As both of you grow, their comes a shift in dynamics. Your young one will realise that they still need you, that life is hard at the best of times, that they still need your support and guidance.
Yes it is different, but the fear that your child has outgrown you begins to pass as you realise that no matter what, you are the sunshine of their life, a gift full of knowledge, their one true best friend that will never let them down.

Believe me when I say they are still the babes that you cradled late at night, the babes that reached out to you when they fell grazing their tiny knees, the very ones you fought to protect from the harshness of this world,

 It's just different and no less important.

So as you tuck your angels into bed tonight, brushing back their wisps of hair. Take the time to stop and focus on those tiny beings that you hold so close to your heart, because before you know it
the years will have passed, and your little one will have grown into an independent young adult.
They will always be in need of you, always need a hug, a kiss, a listening ear. For in reality those grown up babes will be forever in need of their Mum.

beck xx


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