24 Sep 2015


I've been kicking back with the teens not doing much of anything this first week of school holidays. We've hardly even left the house except to restock food and to get the teens looking almost human by finally getting them a much needed haircut.
While they have been busy laying around playing computer games and sleeping, I have been spending time in the garden, reading lots of blogs and books and watching some crap TV.
I know, not very creative when there is a house to be painted, art work to design and make, and many a craft project begging to be started.


I am enjoying the down time, because after these school holidays are over, its time for the end of year chaos to begin, and who knows when I may get the chance to frivolously throw my time away again.

This week I've been

Listening to...

Today's the day - P!nk
Scarecrow         - Alex and Sierra                                          
Wildest dreams - Taylor Swift
Wild                  - Troye Sivan


The wild child - Casey Watson
After Anna      - Alex Lake

Styling Curvy
Styling You
Positively Present


The real housewives of OC      ( I know, forgive me this sin )
Americas next top model
My big fat fabulous life
Criminal minds

beck xx


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