26 Mar 2013

The Climb Of A Lifetime

It is an adventure that I never thought I'd conquer. It's not something that I would usually just go out and do. Never before had it even popped up on my radar.
But the challenge was put before me and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands, after all 2013 is the year that I promised to go fourth and put myself out there, and this was the perfect way to begin, I mean if I could accomplish this, then it is quite possible that I could achieve just about anything.

Magnificent, exhilarating, an achievement like no other. The perfect way to challenge myself. I actually climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge, not quite with style the climbing suits are not that glamorous but with determination and a belly full of guts that I had never expected. I must say that I never actually felt nervous at any time, which is interesting because going to great heights is not one of my favorite pass times. I guess the excitement took over.

Dressed in the compulsory "bridge suits" and attached to the bridge by a static line, participants in the climb walk along flat, inclined mesh catwalks, climb up and down four flights of stairs, climb 465 widely spaced steps on the arches and step over, duck under and squeeze through girders. There are hand rails to help guide you through and lend support all the way to the top.

The view is breath taking, it's unbelievable. You truly have not experienced Sydney Harbor at it's best until you have taken in the view from this incredible height. The climb is a must, a definite addition to any ones "bucket list".

Looking stylish

Two of my boys did not really want me to do it, I even received a sweet face book message the morning of the climb asking me to "be careful" and make sure "you don't fall off mum" the other two crafty kids and of course Mr Crafty are very jealous, adventure is in their blood and the bridge climb is a definite must for them to do, they simply have to experience it for themselves.

I am beyond proud of myself that I conquered the climb, it is the beginning of a new me ! I think that I have actually discovered my adventurous side much to the delight of my husband who has always been the brave one. What now lays before me are many possibilities, and countless adventures that I have always said I would like to try but was never confident enough to actually do.
Who knows what is next, a ride on the back of Mr Crafty's motorbike very scary stuff or jumping out of a plane ? Whatever it is I am ready.
Bring on adventure number two. Crafty is ready.

Breath taking views
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