8 Mar 2013

It's A Cake Flash Back

I love birthday parties. The exciting lead up, the preparations, the smiles that seem forever glued to children's faces as they wait in anticipation for the fun to begin.
It brings warm fuzzies to my heart.

Now that my boys are older, birthday parties are nothing but a distant memory to cherish except 16th's 18th's and 21st's of course  Party games are a thing of the past, and as for mum whipping up  delicious goodies, well that is off the radar to. I have been replaced with pizza, movie marathons and games of football that parents may be allowed to watch, but are definitely not invited to play :(

The one thing that I do miss about the boys birthday parties no it's not the cleaning up is creating fabulous birthday cakes. I use to get so much pleasure from the planning, the baking and the decorating. It saddens me a little to know that it is no longer "cool" for mum to serve up these cake creations anymore.

Flipping through photos yet again for this weeks Flashback Friday post, I came across these photos of some of the cakes that I had made for my boys over the years. At the time they were big hits, and along with photos of the cakes, there are many more photos of the boys covered head to toe in coloured icing :) but I will leave those for another time.

Bart Simpson

Funny Face

The whale was a favorite

Tom Cat

Happily linking in with the lovely Cathy for another Flashback Friday

Enjoy your Friday and have a fabulous weekend :)


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