5 Mar 2013

Wet Wet Wet

It's driving us crazy, we are all in a spin. Yes I am aware that where we live the "wet season" is inevitable, it shows it's face each and every year, usually without fail. It hangs on, turning every thing to mush. Everything gets that icky damp feel and I cant even begin to tell you what it feels like to walk on floors that feel as though they have never seen a mop in their entire life time.

And ants......
What the !
They are every where, the kitchen, the bathrooms and last night for some reason my bedside draws. (no there was no sneaky bar of chocolate hidden away from the boys)
They are driving me nuts, I am at my wits end and it seems that I am driving everyone else in the household crazy with my constant yelling for the bug spray (all natural of course)

The "big wet" this year has hit a little later than usual, and it's teasing us, allowing the sun to peak through and shows us it's glowing self only to disappear within moments allowing the clouds to open up and send us buckets of rain once more.
I am not the only one climbing the walls. The boys are over it, hubby is over it, and enough is enough.
I am tired of mud, it sticks to shoes and gets walked through the house (its to hard to remove shoes before entering obviously) and thanks to a naughty poodle that has decided that digging up the back yard is a great way to pass the day away, my BBQ area and beautiful glass doors are going to need scrubbing beyond anything that I can imagine right now.


I'm whining, I know. Literally writing about nothing. Maybe the rain has finally penetrated my brain stopping me from making sense and writing something productive.
The rain will clear, taking with it the fuzzy that is my head space. The sun will shine and everything will be lush, green and beautiful once more.

Oh and did you know that we are now currently on a cyclone watch !
YAY.....could things get any better LOL
Stay out to sea please, I have a lot of better things to do then to be cooped up inside much longer.

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