5 Feb 2013

The Pocket Money Debate

There is quite the debate going on in the media at the moment concerning "pocket money".
Are our kids getting a fair deal ?

A new study is "claiming" that pocket money isn't keeping up with inflation.
Do our kids deserve more ?

The study says that on average, parents are giving their children $10 a week but they are failing to keep up and give the kids a "pay rise"........

Personally, my idea of pocket money is to teach our kids the value of money and start them off on the right track by teaching them to save and not to rely on the amount of money that they receive. By doing odd jobs around the house such as making beds, taking out the rubbish and doing dishes, my boys have over the years been given pocket money depending on the amount of "jobs" they have done and whether or not they have done those jobs to my satisfaction !
One of the most common questions in our home when the boys claim to have finished their jobs are.....
"Is it Mum clean or kid clean ?"
It may seem harsh but I am not one to just hand out money for jobs completed. We are all apart of  a family, living together under one roof and we are all responsible for taking part in keeping things neat, tidy and clean.

It's called team work !!

And helps to teach the kids core values and responsibility.

My kids do not go without, they are not used as slaves. In fact compared to some, my kids get things darn easy if I were to be honest.
Please don't get me wrong, I am not against pocket money, all I am saying is that in our house, when pocket money is received, it is earned and not just given out because "society" claims it is the right thing to do and as far as a "pay rise" goes, sure by all means ask away, but I can bet your bottom dollar that to receive a raise, you will also be asked to do a few extra things to warrant that rise.

What do you think of the study ?
Do you think the amount of pocket money that kids receive should reflect inflation ?
Do your kids help out with household chores ?

I am interested in your views.

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