15 Feb 2013

1988 - The Global Push

It's Friday !!
And you know what that means......
It's time for another Flashback.
Time to embarrass ourselves a little further.
It's time for a giggle :)


Ahhh yes, lyrics that use to send me into a spin. A song that I am sure my mother still has nightmares about. The song had no great meaning just a "cool" catchy beat and three gorgeous guys belting it out .... please don't judge me for using the word gorgeous, I promise my taste has improved immensely over the years !

I had a huge poster on my bedroom wall of Matt, Luke and Craig, and together they were the British trio that were formally known as Bros.

I thought that they were the best thing to ever walk the earth, a trio of dreams. Every day I would bid that poster good morning and good night and more often then not spend my spare hours twirling around my bedroom, hairbrush in hand singing sappy love songs to them as if they were right there in the room with me ......

How cheesy !!

The "Global Push" as the 1988 concert was named, was the first ever concert that I went to and believe it or not, I still have the program

The Original 1988 Program

When I look back now, it gives me a giggle. A teenager obsessed is a force to be reckoned with !

Today, as I watch the hysteria that revolves around One Direction, memories come flooding back. It's great to see that same enthusiasm. The same love for an idol/idols. And I am sure that it will continue on for many generations to come.....
After all, our mothers had the Beatles didn't they !

Joining the lovely Cathy for another round of Flashback Friday


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