19 Feb 2013

If I See One More...

There is something small that is really starting to grate on my nerves. One thing that is making me see red. The reaction that this tiny item gives me, is one of complete rage ! It lurks behind the door. Waiting, smirking, making fun of me. I know it shouldn't be there, it knows it shouldn't be there and of course everyone that resides in my home knows that it shouldn't be there, yet almost everyday its there......

I am talking about a necessary household item that I am sick of finding innocently laying on the floor. One that I am tired of picking up. An item that I would love to stop purchasing to make my point, but cant.
That item, the one that is sending me round the twist......

TOILET ROLLS !                                                 

They are evil. No, it's not them. Not the rolls themselves but the people that leave them laying on the floor once they are empty.
My teens !
I have become so enraged at the sight of these poor innocent rolls lodged behind the toilet door, that this week I gave my boys an ultimatum......
Either put the empty rolls in the bin, or they will be put on a rotating roster to clean both the toilet and the bathroom !! (this is on top of the existing roster that they already have of basic chores) they were also told that I would be watching them scrub to make sure that the job they do is Mum clean not teen clean !

It may seem harsh, to some it may even seem cruel. But I am at my wits end.
Respect ! that's all I ask for, a little help now and then.
It is certainly not to much to ask or expect for someone to walk down a hallway and place an empty item in the bin.
My boys reaction, they asked me to put a bin beside the toilet (just like you have mum) my answer to that. NO 
Maybe that would be a great solution to my problem, if they would stop peeing on the floor and aim straight.......
The boys have until the end of the week to rectify there "bathroom behaviour" (so far, only one roll has been missed) lets hope they get there act together or a scrubbing they will be and a relaxing I will be !!!

Lets see how they go. I am watching very closely

My empty toilet rolls and I are happy to be linking up with the lovely Jess for IBOT :)


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