15 Jan 2013

Mums Are Like Buttons

It's not always easy !

Some things in life require us to clench our teeth. Bite our tongues to stop a gazillion words pouring from our mouths, words that we may regret saying later. Slam a door or two. Or just plain old drink gin grin and bare it ......

I recently saw this quote and immediately my brain started ticking over
When life is coasting along and all the planets are aligned, life can be simple, life can be easy. That is when Mums are the "heroes" of the family. Just like a juggler who has all the balls in the air, the family are happy and full of smiles. But if just one of those juggling balls in life slightly shifts, the chaos it can cause always seems to reflect back on Mum.....

When all else fails blame Mum !
We are easy targets.

When things are going well, we get comfortable, so comfortable that sometimes we don't see that a ball is about to fall. We do our best to be strong, to be there and to keep it together. But no matter how big or small the situation is, its always like a punch in the face, a huge let down when even the tiniest thing comes unstuck.

I try my hardest to be the "button" in my family and keep it together, to face all situations with love, patience and understanding. I am always there to comfort and to hold. And I always do my best to help work out the best possible solutions I can to keep everyone happy and on target in life.

All I ask for in return is a little love and respect....

That's not to much to ask.
Is it ?

If I am to be the button that holds my family together, then I want to be a shiny loved button, not one that has fallen from a favorite piece of clothing and is stuck somewhere in the bottom of a draw, cast aside and unnoticed with that sad last piece of unravelled thread attached. I want to take my place and be on show just where I was intended to be. An important part of a garment family, the one that is needed at all times not just to keep things from falling apart and hanging loose, but embraced and included in all areas.
It's hard work always trying to be strong, but as Mums we see it as a failure if we are not standing tall and being the "button" . Sometimes we feel as though we are forgotten and only needed when the going gets tough.

I no longer want to be the button lost in the chaos of the wardrobe. From now on I am going to take my place in full view and be that shiny button that I am longing to be. The one that continues to keep holding my family together, but also takes the time to glitter and shine alongside them. Mums deserve to be cherished, respected and loved, after all without buttons Mums there would be a lot of garments families with big gaping holes......

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