9 Aug 2012

I need a "homework fairy"

As mum to four crazy, wonderful boys, my goal has always been that they do well in all aspects of their lives. To feel loved and secure, to be happy and fulfilled, to have a childhood to cherish and to be surrounded by great friends.To grow and be respectable and honest and to always strive to do the very best that they can in school.
In everyone's journey through life, there are always ups and downs, heartache and struggle and times when you would rather be doing something else than what is required. I have always tried to get the boys to see just how important an education is, and to encourage a love of learning, it is the basis for their future after all. I realise that not everyone can be a "top student" and go on to conquer the world, but I do ask that they give it their all, try their best and achieve to the best of their ability. As long as this is evident, then mums happy.
The one area that does produce debate in our home is HOMEWORK. It has always been the cause of struggle and after school tension in our house. Activities with friends, sport and game stations (and of course afternoon tea) are high on the boys priority list, and if left to them I am sure that homework would not even appear to be a thought. Don't get me wrong, the boys all achieve grades to be proud of, but imagine what they could do with a little more time and effort.....
This is where parents come into the equation, where we become the "bad guys" putting our foot down, being the responsible ones, it is our duty after all, but at times it comes at a price. Fights, tantrums, yelling, tears a headache for mum and or dad, and the "silent treatment" from the kids.
*Sigh* you would think that I would have it all worked out by now, but alas, I don't. Maybe one day a "homework fairy" will give me the parenting tools I need to make homework a breeze and my afternoons pleasant.

Does anyone else struggle with homework ??
I would really love to hear how you cope.

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  1. Sounds like our household. We have a new rule this Semester - an hour each night, non-negotiable. I'm sick if hearing "I don't have any homework", to find a week later she's missed an assessment due date.



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