16 Aug 2012

A Rough Journey to Success

In just two short weeks, my 2nd eldest son will be sitting the most important exams of his schooling life. It's time for him to take a deep breath, gather all his strength, concentrate on himself and to remember that he has the full support of his family as he sits for the QLD QCS exams (grade 12). After 13 years of school and hard work, the time has finally arrived !!

As a family we have been through these exams before with our eldest son, and although a stressful time (for both him, mum and dad) he seemed to cope not to badly, and proved that  hard work and determination do pay off, making us very proud.
Son number two is entering these exams with a lot on his shoulders, a lot more stress. He has always been hardest on himself, always expecting the best results (in all that he does) and has his heart set on a particular OP score for entrance into his University preferred course of a "Bachelor of Multimedia" .
His Grade 12 journey has not been an easy one. Earlier in the year he went into hospital for a routine ingrown toenail operation that went terribly wrong. An infection set in resulting in an emergency second operation where he had to have most of his toe removed down to the bone. This required a lengthy stay in hospital and many weeks at home recovering, leaving him to keep up on his school work and studies through email with his teachers. Naturally his marks dropped, just a little and not enough to worry his teachers, but it deflated his confidence, and it has been a slow and  heart wrenching journey watching him beat himself up and claw his way back. He always had our full support and positive encouragement, but in the end only he could work himself through this ordeal. He is slowly gaining back trust in himself and showing signs of our "old boy" again, its been a tough old year.
With continuous support from us, his family and the fantastic teachers, I have complete faith that he will get the results that he so desires, the results that he has been working so hard to achieve.

So good luck my sweet boy, your school journey is almost  at its end, and the next stage of your life about to begin. Know that you have made us so very proud, and that when, and not if, you get the results you are aiming for, that mums tears really are tears of joy and that I am so proud to be your mum and to have traveled this tough journey along with you xx

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  1. Oh this post made me teary. Poor kid. I know you know this, but there are so many ways to get to where you want to go, that I worry for the kids who put too much pressure on themselves for this exam. All the very best to him!



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