3 Aug 2016


It doesn't matter who you are, there is always something in life that makes us envious. You know that old saying "the grass is always greener" its true, there is always something no matter how small, that we all wish was ours. For example wanting to be as thin someone or wanting curly hair instead of straight....
You get the drift.

For me, it's my home. I love my home but it doesn't really live up to the dream that I have always had. If only it was bigger, more open, more stylish. If only the kitchen was white, if the bathroom was finished, if the dogs hadn't tore up the back yard.
If only....
There are so many spectacular homes on Instagram and Pinterest that bring out my inner green eyed monster. I mean I am not naive, I know that people only show the "perfect" parts of their home I do that as well and that behind the scene is a messy kitchen or a lounge room floor of unfolded washing, but it gets me. Every single time.

I mean just look at these images.

Image source unknown

Utter perfection, beautiful rooms that are just not mine. Sigh maybe one day the renovations will be finished, the walls will be painted and my garden will consist of more than dirt patches and wild dogs. Until then I will keep dreaming of my perfect home and keep pinning those rooms that make me ever so jealous.

beck xx

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