23 Aug 2016


Last week I got to see "Bad Moms Mums". I laughed, I cried in parts, and I laughed so hard I cried. I may have even peed a little. Its so much fun being a mum, isn't it. 
If you haven't had the chance to see this film yet, run don't walk. I am calling it. Its the BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR.

Parenting is challenging. With many good and bad moments to be had. I have had my share of both, but think that I lean more towards the bad mum more than the good.

It's confession time....

I am the mum of four sons. four happy, healthy grown sons. They are the key words that I want you to remember. My sons are happy and healthy.

Back when my third son was born, We lived in a small Queensland mining town where everybody knew everybody and everyone's business. We lived in another state to all our family, so parenting although was rewarding, was very tiring because we never got a break. They were happy times with many wonderful memories created, but there were also a few memories that I wish I could erase as well. And in one instance, I had my very own film worthy "Bad Mum" moment.

Back then when picking up my eldest son from school, all the smaller children would gather at the playground playing games together until the bell rang when they would all return to their mothers who were busy gossiping by the water fountains. On one particular day, I gathered my boys quickly into the car as it was Friday and my eldest boy had the first soccer game of the afternoon and it was always a rush to make it on time. On arriving home and unloading the car of its kids and bags I realised that I had returned home with only two children. I had left my two year old at the school !

I panicked, I was crying with an ugly man face as I piled the two kids back into the car breaking every parenting and road rule to get back to the school as soon as I possibly could. Visions of what could have happened to my little boy were creating havoc with my mind. The car flew into the parking lot at a speed that can only be described as illegal, and there at the gate with a fellow mum who knew that I would return in a fit of distress was my little man happily waving to me with a dirty face and an icy pole. I squished him so hard planting so many kisses on his sweet face vowing never to do it again....

It's confession time....

I did the same thing on two other occasions to the very same child.

So there you have it, my Bad Mum moment/s confessed to all. Not everyone will have a bad mum moment as bad as this, and some of you may even be able to beat it. The point is we all have them. We all have a moment or two to be ashamed of, but let me tell you, when you get to where I am now and your kids have grown up and reached an age where you know they are happy, and so far safe and sound, the Bad Mum moments will become memories that you will be able to look back on with a smile on your face and think....

Did I really do that ?

What are some of your Bad Mum moments ?
Are they as bad as mine ?

beck xx

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