1 Mar 2016

TAKING STOCK - February 2016

Here we are. A brand new month, a brand new season. It's a time to reflect on the month that was, and to look forward to what will be.
I love new beginnings.

February, a day longer this year with it being a leap year, flew by. No sooner was it here then BOOM it was gone. And its time to take stock on the month that was...
MAKING time for a date night. It was eight months since the last one. We wont wait that long again.
COOKING biscuits for the first time in a long time.
DRINKING copious amounts of coffee, water and wine. Always wine : )
WANTING to book another holiday, but know at this time it is not possible.
PLAYING Alanis Morssette's Jagged Little Pill
DECIDING or rather trying to decide on paint colours. Why is this so hard ?
WISHING I was the lady that won the million dollar lotto on Valentines Day.
ENJOYING my family.
WAITING for two of my sons to get their licence so I can stop being their taxi.
WONDERING where my life is headed. I am at a cross roads and wanting something more,
LOVING that with only four of us at home now, my washing has almost halved.
PONDERING my next move in life.
CONSIDERING a return to work, and what I may like to do.
BUYING food. always food. Maybe I should work at a supermarket and ask to be paid in groceries.
WATCHING crap TV. Real Housewives is addictive you know.
NEEDING a whole day to myself. It has become very rare lately.
QUESTIONING myself and some of the choices I have made in life.
SMELLING the salty beach air of summer.
WEARING two dresses that I picked up for $18 over and over again. They are really cool shifts. Perfect for the Nth QLD humidity.

FOLLOWING some amazing accounts on Instagram. You should check out @Li-Chi Pan @kate.lives.here @thefreckledfox and @chykak gorgeous accounts.

NOTICING my knee stiffening up again, I really must get back to exercising.
ADMIRING as always how easy it is for some woman to get out there and achieve their dreams. Go you good things, you are all inspiring,
SORTING wardrobes. Yep, I'm still culling and sorting.
GETTING frustrated with my lack of motivation on making decisions.
DISLIKING this humidity that never seems to end.
FEELING like a big fat blob. Exercise woman.
SNACKING on ice blocks.
HEARING the call of the black cockatoos in our front tree, The rains are coming...

How was your February ?
Did you do something really exciting ? or were you just like me weighed down with the every day ?

I hope that March brings much happiness to you all.

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beck xx


  1. Hmm. I think I should like to be paid in groceries too. Not a bad idea :) Good luck with the job search and figuring out what you want to do :) #teamIBOT

  2. I love me a Taking Stock post but not as much as I'd love that lotto win, although being paid in groceries could be a close second! I love Instagram, so I'm going to have fun checking out those accounts! Hope your March is just magic!

    1. Thanks Sammie, hope you have a magic March as well x

  3. I love your Taking Stock! I did one too http://www.youhadusathello.com/taking-stock-march-2016/ - it's fun seeing what each other put living on two different sides of Australia! haha! Wishing you a wonderful Autumn xx

    1. Thanks Jo : ) popping over to your blog now. Have a magical March xx



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