8 Mar 2016


Twenty two years married. The more I say it out loud, the longer it sounds. When we married way back in 1994, twenty two years was something so far in our future it seemed almost impossible to achieve.....

But look at us now.

A chosen "few" had doubts we would make it, that we wouldn't last the distance, that we were too young. And you know what we were young, but here we are twenty two years and four fantastic sons later. Still married, still happy and looking forward to the next twenty two years of wedded bliss.

True love
Stands by each other's
sides on good days
and stands even closer 
on bad days

I love this quote. Nothing in marriage rings more true. It's a lot of work and not always a bed of roses. But true love can conquer the hardest of times if you just believe.

beck xx

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