21 Apr 2015


I spend a lot of time fluffing around on Pinterest, more then I probably should, but its addictive, and surely I am not the only one who cant get enough ?

I've seen many different posts shared on marbling, stunning works of art and knew it was something I had to try my hand at.

My first attempt was marbling a pot plant, I know right, who knew it was possible to do something so cool in the comfort of your own home and not need any technical equipment !


*Something white to marble
*A bucket half filled with warm water
*Nail polish. As many colours as you like
*Paper towel
*Nail polish remover

Half fill an old bucket with warm water.    
Carefully drip nail polish onto the surface of the water, using as many colours as you want.
Using a wooden skewer, swirl the colours around until you get a marbling you like.
Carefully dip your chosen piece into the water. The nail polish will adhere itself.

Carefully remove your item from the bucket and sit onto paper towel to dry.
If some of the nail polish has marbled an area that you don't like, it is easily to remove using nail polish remover.

This was a fun, easy project, one that I will be doing again. It's always great to attempt a project that ends up turning out exactly as you hoped it would.

Maybe this something you could try for Mothers Day.

Have fun
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beck xx


  1. This looks great on a pot plant. I saw (I think it was on Pinterest too) someone did it to their fingernails! Crazy!

    1. Thanks Malinda, I was happy with how it turned out.
      I think I saw those fingernails as well : )

  2. Oh wow! That looks really cool. I am hopeless at crafting, but I love looking at what others create. #teamIBOT

    1. It was really easy Renee, I love the effect.

  3. Gosh this is cool - as is our weather! Here's to lots of snuggles with our other halves tonight! Em xx

    1. It is really cool, I'm loving it. Been waiting for a change in the weather x

  4. Oh that's so cool! And I have all the things for it already!

    1. Awesome Jess, your girls would love it : )

  5. Will you stop already... my list of projects I want to try is getting longer and longer thanks to you lol xx


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