16 Mar 2015

MONDAY MUNCHIES - Slow Cooker Garlic Potatoes


Love potatoes ? We do, but peeling them can be annoying, that is why unless I am serving them mashed I leave the skin on. Lazy ? I prefer practical and time saving. Garlic is another ingredient I use often, as in almost every meal, so it makes sense to combine the two. Yum !


*potatoes, skin on and quartered
*crushed garlic

Line your slow cooker with foil. Add potatoes and dollop butter on top (use as much or as little as you like) add crushed garlic. I used six cloves, and sprinkle rosemary over the top.

Place on your lid and cook on slow for about five hours stirring occasionally to mix through butter and garlic.
Easy and delicious, it is a yummy side dish to any meal.


beck xx

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