27 Jan 2015


Long weekends, don't ya just love em. Especially when it's the FINAL weekend before school starts back. One last hoorah to lazy summer days before routine sets in and all that blah stuff rears its ugly head.

We spent Saturday morning, and most of Sunday sprucing up the yards. Mowing, gardening, cleaning up after our horses dogs. They make so much mess.....
We managed to convince the kids to help (for a while) but they soon disappeared leaving us to continue on in the heat (fancy that)

The end reward, a dip in the pool without kids. But that was short lived.

Have you ever seen a woman walk on water ?
We had a SNAKE, in the pool. A SNAKE, and who was in the pool when it showed itself ?
ME !
Okay, so it ended up being a tree snake, but still a SNAKE.
It is still out there somewhere, probably watching me, laughing at me. Thinking stupid woman.

Monday, it was hot, way to hot to do very much for Australia Day, so we headed out for gelato. I now have a new favourite flavor.  Caramelised Fig, yum...

We spent the afternoon watching The Maze Runner wow that was good, cant wait for the next installment, and I did some baking for school lunches.
It was nice just to be...no plans, nowhere to be. Just relax and enjoy the final day of Summer freedom.

And what better way to end the Australia Day long weekend then with a giant Pavlova.

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend and your now refreshed and ready for a brand new school year.

Happily linking up for this weeks IBOT with the lovely Jess of Essnetially Jess

beck xx


  1. I would have walked on water too - eek a snake! I'm loving caramelised fig yoghurt at the moment so I can understand the new ice cream favourite.

    1. Oooh haven't tried the yogurt, will have to check it out x

  2. Oh yuck to the snake!! That is not cool!
    We had a nice relaxing day too. Nothing better :)

    1. It's still out there mocking me Jess lol

  3. bloody hell - a snake!!! I had to laugh though as you described our family so well. They disappear when Carl and I are working in the garden, but when we get into the pool at the end of working to cool down and relax, they suddenly appear and bomb us like no business xx

    1. Yes a SNAKE ! Still haven't found it yet so I'm avoiding the pool like the plague lol
      Aren't boys buggers, I told mine when they marry they better buy a unit so they have no yard to deal with xx



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