26 Nov 2013

My Christmas Wish List

Unless you have been living in the confines of a bubble, or wondering around with your eyes closed. There is absolutely no doubt that the Christmas Season is yet again upon us.

YES it's that time of year again.

The time of year when stress seems to triple, sleep is almost non existent. And the chubby guy at the North Pole is filling your letter box with copious amounts of pamphlets hinting that the only way to make everyone happy is to empty your bank account entirely.

It's exhausting, so much work goes into this one day and right up until the last minute you are in panic mode, wondering what it is that you may have forgotten.

Even so, it is my favorite time of the year.

This year, getting Christmas present ideas out of my boys has been like pulling teeth. DIFFICULT
I'm not sure about you (those of you with sons) but it seems the older boys get, the harder they are to buy for. 

Me on the other hand could write a list as long as my arm. However instead of pinning my list to the fridge, I am going to post it here, because in my home a list pinned to the fridge wouldn't get a look at as everyone is too busy looking inside the fridge trying to find something to fill their bellies.

                                 *Candles, I love them. A girl can never have too many
                                 *A gold necklace chain so that I can wear my favorite pendant again
                                 *More arm bling. I am newly obsessed with bracelets and bangles
                                 *A new sewing machine
                                 *And a fabulous Christmas surrounded by my family 

                  Do you have a Christmas wish list for 2013 ? And is it pinned to your fridge ?
           Linking up with Jess for the final November IBOT.........My where has this year gone ?


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