25 Nov 2013

Chocolate Pudding Bar

This pudding bar dessert is a winner !
No seriously it actually is. Along with two other recipes, the Chocolate Pudding Bar was responsible for winning me a Fisher Paykel fridge back in 2004 with Super Food Ideas Magazine. Read about it all here.

By using a total of only 4 ingredients
There is no cooking involved. It is super easy to make, super delicious, and a hit with everyone.

Chocolate Pudding Bar
serves 6-8

2 packets of of malt biscuits
1 packet of fun size Crunchie bars, refrigerated
395g can sweetened condensed milk
600ml thickened cream

-Line a lamington pan with baking paper. Layer malt biscuits over the pan base, cutting to fit if  necessary so that the base is completely covered.
-With the crunchies still in their wrapper, use a rolling pin and crush the chocolate bars so that they  are broken into small pieces.
-Using an electric mixer, beat the sweetened condensed milk and the cream in a large bowl until  thick and pale. Stir through crushed crunchie bars.
-Spread mixture over the biscuits. Top with another layer of biscuits and freeze until firm. Cut into  squares and serve.

:Variation ... You could replace the Crunchie bars with other chocolate bars to change it up.


  1. I wonder what the American equivalent of malt biscuits and Crunchie bars? I would like to try these.
    I still think it's so cool you won a fridge! Like the funnest prize evah!

    1. I'm not sure about the biscuits but crunchie bars are chocolate coated honeycomb x



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