6 Nov 2013

Don't Blink

I know I have said it many times before, but I am going to say it again anyway.

My how time flies....
 And it was never more evident to me then in the past week, when big things happened in our youngest sons lives.
As parents, we have already watched our eldest teens graduate high school with wonderful results and enter the next stage of their lives. And now the time has come to watch as teen number three begins the next part of his journey. 

Last week the time came to sit the interview and re-enrol him as a senior student for 2014.......

How can this be ? It seems that only yesterday we watched him take his first steps, and now it is almost time for him to begin one of the most important stages in life. 
As we sat listening to him answer questions and watching him interact with the interviewer in such a grown up way, I realised just how much he has grown and matured. 
It made me smile with joy at the confidant young man he has become and it made my heart sad as I came to the realisation that our boy was not our "little boy" anymore !

I am not ready.
I should not have blinked....
It seems that life is going by way to fast, and I for one feel as though I am fighting a loosing battle.
I want to keep my children small, just a little longer.

Teen number four, our youngest and my baby has achieved amazing success in his first year of high school. On Monday night we attended the Annual Awards Night to witness his success first hand, and watch as he received an Academic Merit Award.
I was so proud to see him up on stage in his formal uniform accepting this wonderful award, so proud that tears formed in my eyes as I realised that not only was my baby doing such an awesome job at his schooling, but that this was indeed my baby up there in front of that audience looking so grown up. A high school student, standing tall and proud. 

He is growing up way to fast. My baby is no longer my baby but a handsome, confidant young man.

I should not have blinked...
Life is racing ahead. I am trying to keep up, but all I want is for it to slow down.
I am not ready to let them all go.
I want to keep my children small, just a little longer.

It amazes me that as we grow older the years seem to pass by much more quickly. Its as though time is laughing at us, mocking us, poking fun at us.

Yesterday my sons were babes in arms, now they strong independent young men, making me ever so proud to be their mum even though I do wish that I could rewind time and keep them small and under my wing forever.

Its hard, an impossibility.
But try not to blink..... 


  1. I totally agree with you about what time is doing - mocking us as we get older !!!!!
    Congratulations to baby #4 - they do grow up far too fast don't they ?
    Have a wonderful day !

  2. Oh huni I so get this. We just sat through the highschool orientation and I was pinching myself the whole time saying HOW did this happen???? xx



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