18 Oct 2016


Hello there.
Life has been busy, been good and a little overwhelming all at the same time.

So much has been going on around here. As many of you would know, Masters Home Improvements is closing its doors. That means many job losses including my sons. There are currently so many people out of work here in Mackay that finding work is more than difficult, so with the lack of job unavailability my boy is moving back home, and I cant wait. Selfish maybe but I am excited for his return.

I celebrated my forty second birthday last month, and I am still unsure where all the years have gone.
I love celebrating a birthday, being surrounded by family, its completely invigorating.


With the weather warming up, trips to the beach are happening again. How I love the salt air and sand between my toes, my go to happy place.

Hubby and I took time out this weekend to go look at land for sale. It has been a dream of ours to live on a small property just our of town, to live a clean and natural life away from the bustle of town. It is still just a dream though, but one that we will not let go of just yet.

Its already getting hot and humid here, I must be the only one who is not looking forward to summer. I miss living where you experience all four seasons. I do love where we live, who wouldn't, it just seems the summers are getting longer and hotter every year, or maybe its because I am getting older. Whatever it is I thank my lucky stars for our swimming pool and air conditioner.

beck xx

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