26 Jul 2016


The truth is out.
I am getting old.

Late nights never used to bother me, and I could get by on a few hours sleep. These days however it's a different story.

We have an easy going household. We welcome the boys friends with open arms. Our house is constantly filled to the brim most weekends. It means noise, lots of it and many a sleepless night, but in the end we as parents are at peace knowing that our kids are safe and not in harms way.

On Thursday night, Mr 18 had some mates over. You know the age ( I vaguely remember ) fire pit blazing, music pumping and beer, plenty of beer and a late night pizza delivery. They enjoyed themselves, immensely. Me, I couldn't wait for my head to hit the pillow and enter dreamland, but with all the noise and chaos it was impossible.

On Saturday night, it was Master 16's turn to turn our house into a party zone. A hand full of teens playing an "in depth" game of Dungeons and Dragons. It's serious business people. Loads of pizza, chips and sugar was needed to sustain such a drama filled event, only to be interrupted by a Pokemon hunt. Dear God WHY ??? I thought I was done with Pokemon years ago. I honestly do not see the attraction.

Is it just me who needs more sleep these days ?
Does anybody else require more sleep now that they have aged gotten older ?
I just want to scream sometimes for the boys to...



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  1. Your household sounds like loads of fun and I hope when our girls are teenagers they'll be as comfortable as your boys in bringing their friends over. Not looking forward to the late nights, but as you say it's better to know what they're up to. Hope you get an early night some time soon :) #teamIBOT

    1. It is loads of fun Renee, the only downfall is the lack of sleep but it's an easy price to pay when you know the kids are safe and happy :)

  2. I'm a big fan of sleep, it's one of my favourite hobbies :-) . And like you, I thought we'd left Pokemon behind years ago, but no, it's baaaa-aaack - both Mr 22 and Miss 19 love it!



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