31 Aug 2015

MONDAY MUNCHIES - Easy Pizza Scrolls

Monday munchies returns this week after a three week break while I traveled around the country side. We had a fabulous holiday, and I cant wait to share it all with you. But more of that later....


These pizza scrolls are SO easy to make, with just a few basic items, you can make them as simple or as lavish as you like. Great for the lunch box, or to just have on hand for those who cant resist snacking.


* Puff pastry
* Tomato paste
* Grated cheese
* Diced ham
* Pizza salami

On thawed pastry, spread tomato paste evenly on the square, making sure to reach the edges.

Layer the meats and cheese, then roll the pastry into a large sausage.
Cut into slices, and place on a lined tray.

Cook at a medium heat until golden and puffy.

these pizza scrolls can be frozen for up to a month.

A hit with my boys, I have to make them quite regularly as they never last very long.


beck xx

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