5 Aug 2015


Life has been busy this past week and a half. Its always busy, but with hubby and I hitting the road for a much deserved holiday in two days, it has been utter chaos.
Last week I posted how we are hitting the road without the teens. You can read that post here . So you can imagine the amount of work that goes in to make sure the teens (all male) are prepared for their party time time as bachelors.

Food, I have been cooking like a mad woman, stocking up the freezer making sure that they at least get a few good meals. All the boys can cook, its something that I have made sure of, but lets be honest, I know for a fact that when mum is not around it is SO easy to take the easy road.

Lists, I have written so many for the boys that I have them coming out of my ears. What to do when, how and a few whys.

Cleaning, like an idiot and asking myself why, when I know that when we return the house will need everything including the kitchen sink scrubbed to within an inch of its life. That is just something that I have had to try and prepare myself for over the years. It has been hard, believe me as I am a clean freak.

Packing, I hate packing. I don't even know where to begin. I mean hello Queenslander heading to Melbourne. I think we are going to freeze but hey, I cant wait.

In other news....

My youngest son, went and got himself a part time job ! Boy do I feel old now. I never thought this day would come around so fast, but here it is. I am one proud mumma.

Did anyone else see the Hover Board on Sunrise this morning ? Marty McFly your chariot awaits.
I wonder if there will be a big celebration October 21st this year ?  I think I heard somewhere along the way that they will be showing the movies in cinemas again. I will be there, will you ?

And in the saddest news to cross my social media today is this.....

Ahhh Kermit, its not easy being green. What is happening to this world we live in when even a pig and a frog cant make it. There goes my childhood.

beck xx

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