17 Jul 2015


I can't remember the last time our temperature hit single figures here in Mackay. The last few mornings, we have hit a low of between 7 and 9 degrees. Time to dig out those warmer PJ 's and cozy slippers. Normally I am a lover of hot weather, but after such a long, extremely hot and tiring Summer, this Winter chill is very munch welcome.

There are so many things to enjoy at this time of year.
And these are a few of my favourite things.....

Last month I cut all our rose bushes back, hacked them really, but its done them the world of good and both are full of blooms again putting on a real show. There is nothing like masses of flowers to brighten the cold chilli days.

I'm loving how the afternoon sunlight is filling my front hallway, bouncing off some of my favourite household items.

And my very favourite thing about Winter....
Snuggling down at the end of a busy day with a good book and fresh linen on the bed. There is nothing like clean sheet day.

Linking up my favourite things over at With Some Grace for FYBF

beck xx


  1. Oh my gosh - I love all your favourite things and want them all!! lol How perfect is that yellow rose?!! I adore that vase!! I cannot believe it is single digit temperatures in Mackay where it is usually so hot! It is blowing an icy cold Arctic Vortex gale here in Brissie today!! Brrr!! xo

  2. Lovely treasures and special things. Flowers really cheer me especially during winter and snuggling up under a blanket is a winter treat!

    1. Flowers always bring a smile, I hope your keeping warm x

  3. Oh I like that... is it a sequinned cushion in the last shot? Gorgeous colour and one can never have too many sequins!

    1. It is a sequinned cushion : )
      I don't have enough sequins & glitter in my life, but I'm working on it x


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