20 Jul 2015


Easy Lemon Tart

Lemons, simply the best. I am never without them, and always looking for new and delicious ways to use them.

This easy lemon tart was literally whipped up in minutes and the end result was fantastic.


Pastry                                                                                Lemon Filling

*75 grams of butter                                                           *3 eggs
*4 tablespoons icing sugar                                                *200 grams caster sugar
*125 grams plain flour                                                      *1 tablespoon lemon rind
                                                                                           *4 tablespoons lemon juice
                                                                                           *3 tablespoons plain flour


Preheat oven to 160 degrees.

Pastry - Beat the butter and the icing sugar until well combined. Add the flour and beat until the mixture looks like crumbs then kneed into a dough.

Stretch dough into a greased tart pan pricking the base with a fork, bake for 10 minutes, remove and let cool.

Filling - Combine eggs, sugar, zest, lemon juice and flour. Mix until smooth in texture.

Pour mixture into the cooled based and bake in oven for 15 minutes or until filling is firm.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Monday.

beck xx

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