28 Nov 2012

Friday On My Mind

Are you kidding ! It's only Wednesday ? Seems to me that this week has slammed on its breaks and slowed to a crawl...it's been busy and chaotic and much to long !!

Already I have Friday on my mind. I am really looking forward to this weekend, I need to flop, relax, unwind and take some time out with my family.
This time of year is my favorite and while I strive to cram in as much as possible and love attending the many wonderful activities and events, it's still always nice to stop and smell the roses ( so to speak ) and spend a few lazy hours with my family and switch off from all the festive stress.
And from the look of my calendar, this weekend is the only one left that I have free until the New Year !

The count down till School ends is on. Only two and a half weeks left
Bliss :)
But with that comes even more events to add to our hectic calendar, and not to mention more time spent cleaning up after my adorable messy gang, and much more time spent in the kitchen feeding my troop farm YUCK !
But on the up side, it also means lazy mornings, trips to the beach and days spent by the pool, just all round good fun and quality time spent with my boys....now, if only these last weeks will pass quickly so the family fun can begin...


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