1 Jun 2017


The days are finally starting to cool down here. Some nights the blanket is needed which can only mean one thing, Winter is coming. Here in north Queensland  we tend to only have a few weeks of cooler weather in an otherwise predominately hot and sunny region. I am grateful for these weeks, the relief it brings is all sorts welcome.
The end of May is when the season starts to turn here, its when we finally start to get a taste of Autumn. Cool breezes and cooler mornings are delightful and better late than never. Its the one thing that I miss about living where we do, the different seasons and the changes they bring.

May was a busy month around these parts, and by joining in with Pips fabulous idea of Taking Stock, I present you with our monthly roundup....

Making : More of an effort to get those small jobs done around the house that usually get put off for another day.
Cooking : Jam Drops and a few more new recipes, its time to get my cooking mojo back.
Drinking : Way to many glasses of coke zero and wine and not enough water.
Reading : Slow Bleed by Tim Alder. This is the first Tim Alder book that I have read and now wont be the last. A page turner from the start.  A missing son, a kidnapper who's dead. An unusual description that caught my eye.
Laughing - At the Real Housewives of Sydney.....Seriously !
Wanting - A new rug for the dining room and not having much luck in finding what I want that doesn't cost the earth.
Looking - For the perfect piece of art to hang in my lounge room that is screaming out for some colour.
Wishing - That making choices in life was a lot easier than it is. Why do we make things harder for ourselves when it comes to getting what we really want in life ?
Enjoying - The cooler weather that has finally hit North Queensland. It always takes a lot longer for Autumn to show its face around here,
Waiting - For my bathroom to finally be finished. I really need to get it painted but need the tiling to be finished and the new lighting to be put up. Come on hubby get a move on !!!
Liking - Being on top of the housework and washing. Lets hope it continues.
Wondering - If every choice that I have made so far in life have been the best choices for my for me and my family. Things have been weighing on my mind lately.
Loving - Netflix. How did we live without it for so long ?
Pondering - Life, and how we end up where we are by the choices we make and if we have always made the best decision. Do you ever wonder where you would be instead if just one of your life choices were different ?
Listening - To Ryan Adams, Adele and lots of old eighties and nineties music since I gave in and downloaded Spotify. Again, why did it take me so long to jump on board with this fabulous app ?
Considering - What colour curtains to purchase for our living room. The ones we have now are definitely on their last legs and will not survive another washing.
Buying - More indoor plants. I have finally {without speaking to loudly} found a few that I am managing well and keeping alive for longer than a few months. Still working out the maiden hair fern though. I am determined to win this plant over as well.
Watching - Making a Murderer. Gossip Girl {yes I am late to the party there} and the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Another show that I swore I would never watch but got sucked into anyway.
Hoping - That the new seasons of Shameless and How to Get Away with Murder hurry up and come on. I am having withdrawals.
Cringing - At the behaviour of Athena X Levendi on the Real Housewives of Sydney. My goodness I do hope that women is not always like the person she betrays in that show. She is almost unbearable to watch.
Needing - A holiday desperately.
Questioning - Donald Trumps win in the Presidential Election still.
Smelling - The roses that have bloomed in my garden. They have been going fabulously this year.
Wearing - Jeggings from Kmart and wondering why I am forty two and just finding out how fabulous jeggings really are.
Noticing - That the early mornings are getting much cooler by the day and enjoying it immensely.
Knowing - That the year is passing very quickly and that my last baby will be finishing school soon, leaving me a school mum no more. Not sure how I feel about that to be honest. All kinds of mixed emotions are floating around in my head and heart.
Thinking - What my next chapter will hold once I no longer have school kids at home.
Admiring -  How so many other women seem to be living their dreams while I am still struggling with what I want out of life. I feel as though something big is missing and yet I am not sure what.
Getting - Tired of all the car trips I seem to be taking lately for my sons. I always seem to be sitting in car parks.
Opening - A new loaf of bread every single day. Why why why are my family always wanting to be fed ?
Closing - The windows when we go out and sleep at night when hubby is away for work because break ins are soaring where we live unfortunately. Can you believe that a family was home watching television with the lights on and yet some horrid person still tried to break into their home. What is the world coming to ? Really !
Feeling - So much sadness for the families caught up in the Manchester bombing. What kind of sick freak would knowingly target a place that would be full of innocent children. I cant seem to understand why people can do these horrific things.
Hearing - My kids laughing together and getting along. That makes my heart happy.
Celebrating - Mothers Day with my family altogether was lovely. Having my sons around on such a day was lovely. Also this month we celebrated son number three turning nineteen. How did we get here so quickly ?
Pretending - That the world is not as crazy as it is and keeping to my own little bubble. How nice would it be for the world to live in peace.
Embracing - My family daily and reminding them how much I love them. You just cant be sure what is around the next corner for anyone.

Well there was my May broken down into a few sentences. I hope that the past month was kind to you and yours. Can you honestly believe that today is the first of June and that we are six months into the year already. Its okay for time to slow down, no really....Please slow down.

beck xx

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