28 Feb 2017


Raising kids can be tough, and can be a little bit like the Hunger Games. Five percent smooth sailing and ninety five percent fighting for the will to survive. And that is just the odds for the parents.

When the boys were little, every fibre of my being was in survival mode. It was a fight to sleep, a fight to stay awake, a fight to be on time and a fight to stay in control. Having a house full of little bodies all vying for your attention is both physically and mentally exhausting. It's survival of the fittest in any household, but when you have a large family it doesn't rain it pours. I thought that once the boys were grown, things would slow down, my time would become more my own again and the fight to survive would wind down.

 Boy how I was wrong....

If anything, now that my boys are grown our household is amidst a fight for survival unlike any we have been in before. Its not about time outs and bed time fights, and its more then fighting for the first shower, the TV remote or the last glass of juice. It has grown into something so much more and I am proud that we are fighting the fight together as a family all on one page and that we are all there for each other no matter what.

For the last two years we have been a household of four. Two parents, two teens, with our older boys out living on their own and doing very well for themselves. Making us proud with their choices and how they were learning to tackle life without the cushion of mum and dad constantly around. They did real good, until like it sometimes does, life kicked them in the butt and shattered their confidence, and like so many others out there, my boys lost their jobs.

It is hard for a parent to witness their child go through something that shakes their very core. You spend so many years of their lives fighting for them, only to feel useless when all you want to do is go into bat for them, to show their employers that they are making a huge mistake, but your hands are tied.
As a family we have turned this negative into a positive. We have come together as a family to support those of us in need. We have moved the independent sons back home not without frustration and have committed to once again live under one roof as a family of six.

So once again we are whole, back together and each of us fighting to be heard. The kids are sharpening their claws, the parents sharpening our whits. The fight for survival is once again upon us and although we have each others backs, it is also back to looking after ones self in the fight to survive.


beck xx

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