1 Jan 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Ringing in 2017

Hello 2017    I don't think you know how happy I am to meet your acquaintance. Around here we are glad for the fresh start, the chance to live a another year that will hopefully be much kinda than the last. Another year to love and grow together, the chance to make more memories.

Although 2016 was filled with a lot of grief and hardships, there were moments of joy peppered throughout the months that I must not forget.

Our second born son reached the fabulous age of 21. It seems that it was only yesterday that we found out we were having him. Raising this kid has been a fabulous journey.  A quiet achiever, he continues to grow and change.

Our third born son turned 18 this year, and although it is a little overwhelming that we now have three sons over this milestone age, it is also a proud parent moment that we have survived and managed to guide our boys into wonderful young men.

And if that wasn't enough, our baby boy turned 16 and graduated grade 11 in award winning style.


This morning I spent my time in the pool reflecting over the last year and what I can do to make sure I get the most out of this brand new one. The sky was brilliant blue, and fluffy white clouds were slowly drifting by filling me with hope and excitement for what is yet to come. My goal is to be really productive this year, to fill my life with purpose, to stay centered and calm. To build a new found relationship with myself thanks to SUGER COAT IT  and her fabulous Confident You challenge, and FAT MUM SLIM'S new Make Life Good challenge. I also have plans to bring this blog back from the dead it really did suffer last year ...
I have every intention of fulfilling these promises to myself but be aware that at times I may be yelling out to you all for some much needed support and I hope you all know that I am here for any of you guys to. Just holla...

So cheers to the brand new year everyone. May it be full of love and laughter and that you fulfill all of your dreams. I'll leave you with this.

beck xx

Fifty two weeks 
Twelve months 
to be lived with purpose
Three hundred 
and sixty five 
to start over ...

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